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Cat Among The Pigeons

Rating: 4.5/5

Title: Cat Among the Pigeons
Author: Agatha Christie
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Detective
Pages: 352
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN-13: 9780007299744

This book comes as a surprise to the regular readers of Agatha Christie. There are many new elements that the author has brought in with this book. For example, there are plenty of different characters in this story apart from the usual butlers and servants. The story travels through different locations in bits and pieces and with that new characters are introduced. But the beauty of it all is how these bits and pieces finally come together and form the story.

As I said earlier, this book has a fresh outlook unlike a normal Agatha Christie novel. The story is about the journey of a handful of foreign jewels and the people involved and killed in the search of the same. Of course with Hercule Poirot’s inclusion, the story becomes even more interesting!

I really enjoyed reading this one because it has an innovative point of view to t…