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Oath of the Vayuputras releasing early March 2013

I just got an intimation that the third book in the Shiva Trilogy 'The Oath of the Vayuputras' by Amish Tripathi is releasing early March 2013 and is up for pre-order at a discounted rate on Flipkart.

Go grab it people!

A Face in the Dark and Other Hauntings

Rating: 4/5

Title: A Face in the Dark And Other Hauntings
Author: Ruskin Bond
Genre: Fiction, Supernatural
Pages: 216
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN-13: 9780143067863

I had read ‘A Face in the Dark’ in school and I instantly fell in love with Ruskin Bond. The simplicity of the narration is what attracts me. His stories emphasize on creating an eerie setting for the reader rather than making it gory and horror-packed. There are several other good short stories in the book, the first one being ‘A Face in the Dark’. Since this was the story that introduced me to the reverent writer, it is special.
Mr. Bond’s tales follow a pattern consisting of old fashioned haunted houses, witches, graveyards and wandering ghosts waiting to avenge their misdoers. His way of thrilling readers in the means of stark oak tree branches in the moonlight or howling dogs and hooting owls rightly manages to do its job. And, personally, it excites me every time I read one of his books because I’d rather get thrilled by …

Monsoon Wedding Fever

Rating: 3/5

Title: Monsoon Wedding Fever
Author: Shoma Narayanan
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Pages: 226
Publisher: Mills & Boon
ISBN-13: 9788184744347

It was in my college days that I last read a Mills and Boon and after this I recollected how romantic these books can be. Though, when I ordered this one I never knew that it was a Mills and Boon and that too, by an Indian author.
The story begins with Riya discovering her long lost lover Dhruv, lying on her living room floor. Their breakup had been messy and to come face to face after all those years makes the whole rendezvous a little awkward. But the spark between them remains, all the same. They have to attend a wedding together by obligation and through the course; they come closer and move apart now and then. Although they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, they have themselves in a confused state where Riya totally believes in love and Dhruv doesn't prefer to.
A good, dreamy read for Mills and Boon fans.


Rating: 4/5

Title: Mahashwetha
Author: Sudha Murthy
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 160
Publisher: Penguin India
ISBN-13: 9780143103295

After reading ‘Dollar Bahu’, I browsed for other books by Sudha Murthy and bought ‘Mahashweta’. While ‘Dollar Bahu’ is a light read, this one on the other hand, is more introspective.
Anupama is happily married to her doctor husband Anand when she finds out that she suffers from leukoderma. Her husband works abroad and in the meanwhile she is forced to leave Anand’s home and return to her own in the village. When her husband doesn’t reply to her several mails, she is left hopeless, lonely and marred for life. The crisis and evasion she faces from people and how she overcomes them all is the gist of the story.
The book was originally written in Kannada but as the case with all Mrs. Murthy’s books, it was later published in English and all major Indian languages.
The plight of the Indian woman is just as described in this book. And I couldn’t agree more. Even when we …