Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Take One More Chance

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Title: Take One More Chance
Author: Shriya Garg
Genre: Fiction, Romance

Rating: 4/5

Take One More Chance is the first book of the young author, Shriya Garg. It is a love story, filled with funny incidents but it absolutely realistic and engaging. I got this one from Juggernaut, a book site, and read the book on their app. If you want to know more about Juggernaut, click here. Let's get down to the review, shall we?

The story is about Naina Kashyap, a chartered accountant, who is in search of a suitable groom as her parents are pressing for her to be married. She manages to buy some time and along with her best friend Vandana, begins her search. While Vandana sets Naina up with various guys, she herself is seeing Aditya, a well-sculpted, handsome man. Unfortunately for Vandana, both Aditya and Naina don't get along from day one. The story takes us through Naina's unsuccessful dates and how, at the end, she finds the one she was looking for. The very person who was besides her all the while.

The book is a fast paced, romantic read. The story is set in an urban Indian family. The story telling is witty and portrays the practicality and sentiments of the modern generation. Although the author is young by age, the book is by all means written and targeted for adults of all ages. I'm really impressed by the writing skills that has been displayed. This book is such a welcome change to the heavy ones that I read. Honestly, I enjoyed every bit of it.

The story, in itself, is a cute rendition of the lives of two people and the situations in which they fall in love with each other (although I didn't quite get the connection of the title to the story). Personally, I love these kind of books. This one is a perfect read if you want to pass your time while travelling or want to pep up your mood. A quick and breezy read that will leave you gushing and smiling at the end. :-)

*** This book was sent to me by Juggernaut in exchange for an honest review. ***

Monday, June 27, 2016

Cometh The Hour - The Clifton Chronicles #6

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Title: Cometh The Hour
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Genre: Fiction, Drama
Pages: 416
Publisher: Pan Macmillan India
ISBN-13:  978-1509827404

Rating: 4/5

Having read and reviewed the previous installment of this high intense drama series, I didn't waste anytime being updated with the latest one. Cometh the Hour, the sixth part of the Clifton Chronicles, leaves me speechless, but that's nothing new. It is Archer, what else can you expect?

The book begins with the jury wanting to know the contents of Alex Fisher's letter that he wrote before he died. When the same are revealed, it changes the course of the case and Emma wins hands down. On the other hand, Giles successfully gets Karin out of Germany and reunites her with her father. He is finally enjoying his time with her when another twist in the story appears. Sebastian falls in love with an Indian girl, Priya, but her parents are too orthodox to allow her to marry someone outside her caste. Not wanting to give up, Sebastian travels all the way to Mumbai to win his girl. Meanwhile, Harry and Emma make a trip to Sweden as Anatoly Babakov is announced as the Noble Prize winner for literature. Mrs. Babakov eagerly awaits her husband's arrival but fate has other plans for them. Sebastian visits Jessica's school in the States for an art exhibition where he purchases all her paintings but he has to make sure that neither she nor Samantha finds out who the buyer is. But is he successful? Karin makes a trip to visit her father(is he really?) which, sadly, ends with tragic consequences.

Archer has done it again! How he does it, is beyond my grasp, but a hell of a read!(excuse my expression). The story never seems too lengthy or dull as Archer constantly feeds us with exciting twists and turns. There a lot of events that happen in this particular book, some characters lost and some gained, but I'd rather not reveal them. The next and last book of the series would be coming out sometime in November 2016, as it says at the end of the book. Well, I can't wait to get my hands on it! An extraordinary series topped with the brilliant storytelling skills that only Archer possesses. A bestseller indeed!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Before I Go To Sleep

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Title: Before I Go To Sleep
Author: S J Watson
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction
Pages: 384
Publisher: RHUK
ISBN-13: 978-0552164122

Rating: 4/5

The book is a psychological thriller and the first one by S J Watson. It has been made into a movie too but for those who haven't watched it yet, here is a review.

The story begins with Christine waking up in a room having no idea where she is, or who she is, for that matter. She is in an utter state of confusion when she sees a man besides her on the bed. She walks into the bathroom to find her photographs hanging. When she looks at her reflection in the mirror, she is shocked because she just cannot seem to remember how she had aged so much. The man on the bed turns out to be her husband, Ben, who explains that she had been in a terrible accident many years ago and has been like this ever since. Every night when she goes to sleep, her memory is erased. Finding it absolutely difficult to think or believe, Christine is contemplating her situation when she receives a call from Dr. Nash, her neuropsychologist, who asks her to meet him. After much coaxing she agrees and he tells her that they have been making progress as Christine was beginning to remember a few things. Of course, she doesn't remember ever meeting the doctor, but when the doctor asks her to look into her book, she is partly convinced. She had been keeping a diary, writing in it everyday so that she could read it the next day and recollect what has been going on in her life. Both Dr. Nash and Ben seem to care for her and Christine slowly begins accepting her fate when she reads a phrase in her diary that shocks and confuses her at the same time. DO NOT TRUST BEN. But why not? 

Let me begin my analysis by saying that this book is not to be missed. What a thriller! From the first page on, one is simply hooked onto the author's words. The story is written in the first person, which can be quite a challenge in itself. Narration is superb and keeps us want to continue reading, making the characters and every twist and turn in the story come alive. The story is about a woman who suffers from amnesia and the author has justified her role adequately. Her confusions, her dilemma makes sense as she wakes up every morning without having any memory of the day before. Although it is a daily record of what happens in Christine's life, a gradual string of events is woven bit by bit to form the entire structure of the story. It is a fast paced thriller, especially towards the climax, when the 'all dependent' amnesic protagonist becomes emotionally strong to fight her odds. All in all, an exciting read indeed!

Strongly recommended for mystery/thriller readers and for those who love sleeping with their lights on at night...!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Mightier Than The Sword - The Clifton Chronicles #5

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Title: Mightier Than The Sword
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Genre: Fiction, Drama
Pages: 416
Publisher: Pan Macmillan India
ISBN-13: 978-1447290599

Rating: 4/5

Mightier than the Sword is the fifth book in the Clifton Chronicles series by Jeffrey Archer. A high drama story right from the start, this installment, too, doesn't let you down. 

The last book left us with a tense situation on The Buckingham as it set sail to New York on its maiden voyage. A bomb is planted in Emma's and Harry's cabin and is all set to destroy everything they worked hard for. The tragedy is averted just in time, but not without consequences. Harry is elected the new President of English PEN and voices his disapproval of the arrest of Anatoly Babakov, a Russian author, who is wrongly imprisoned for writing the truth about Stalin. Meanwhile, Sebastian has locked horns with Adrian Sloane of the Farthings Bank who has sworn to take him down, at all costs. While Sebastian is battling away for his career position, he loses the one thing most important to him. Giles gets involved in some messy politics which threatens his chance at the office in the elections while Alex Fisher returns to even it out with the Cliftons and Barringtons, but not for long.

Like always, this time too, Archer has continued to fascinate us readers with his compelling story. I felt the title to be perfect as it rightfully justifies the story that takes shape. The readers easily get involved with the lives of the Cliftons and the Barringtons, such is the power of narration here. I have said it before, I'm going to say it again. To keep the readers involved throughout all the books in the series, is a laborious task indeed and the author has executed that beautifully. The book has a perfect balance of suspense, drama, emotions and manipulations. 

An absolute delight of a book, especially for fiction lovers. If you are new to this series then I highly recommend you start from the first book and enjoy the ride!

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Monogram Murders

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Title: The Monogram Murders
Author: Sophie Hannah
Genre: Fiction, Murder, Mystery
Pages: 372
Publisher: Harper Collins

Rating: 3/5

Out in 2014 apparently, I found this book now, two years later, while browsing through a book store. I had decided to buy just two books that day and, well, one of them had to be Poirot! It is a new Poirot tale by Sophie Hannah. So, here goes.

Hercule Poirot is enjoying his meal in a coffee house when a woman rushes in. She seems agitated and tells him that someone is out to kill her and that when it is done, justice would be served. Puzzled and curious, Hercule Poirot makes up his mind to help Jennie. The next day, Poirot learns of the monogram murders in a plush hotel in the city. He gets there with Inspector Catchpool to find three murders in three different rooms of the hotel. Each body is laid out perfectly with a monogrammed cuff link in each of the victim's mouth. As Poirot and Catchpool follow up with Jennie and the killer, a lot is revealed that suggests that it is not a normal case of murder.

Although it is not Christie herself, the author has managed to get through the story. But, of course, the quality story telling is missed terribly. I found it too slow at some places, especially where Catchpool was described. Poirot's dialogues, too, lacked the excitement which was definitely expected. All in all, a good read, but you probably would want to skip this if you are passionate about Poirot. It simply doesn't do him justice.

Last word - No one can paint Poirot the way Agatha Christie did. Period.

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