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First Sight

Rating: 1/5

Title: First Sight
Author: Danielle Steel
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Pages: 310
Publisher: Transworld Publishers
ISBN-13: 9780593063170

It was sometime during my college days that I read the one and only Danielle Steel book that I read (befire this one). Sadly, I dont remember the name of the book. But it was a good one and since then I have been wanting to try her books again. Her stories are usually about women and their conflicts with romance. Atleast that's what I have come to know.

First Sight is about Timmie O'Niell, a highly successful and renowned fashion designer from New York. Despite the fame and riches, Timmie has had more than her share of hardships. The early stages of her life were spent in an orphanage and as if that wasn't cruel enough, she ends up divorcing her husband after their son suddenly dies. Since then she has been totally devoted to her career and her fashion shows. On one such trip to Paris, her favorite city, she meets Dr. Jean Charles Vernie…


Rating: 3.5/5

Title: Chennaivaasi
Author: T.S. Tirumurti
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Pages: 270
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers

Chennaivaasi is a book by the author T.S.Tirumurti. I read the summary and since it mentioned a TamBram boy, I thought I should give it a go (TamBram meaning a Tamil Brahmin). Being one myself, I found the story and its instances empathizing and closer to home.

The story is about Ravi, a TamBram boy from Chennai and Deborah, a Jewish girl from America who fall in love and want to to get married with the parent's blessings. While Deborah's parents agree Ravi's father, on the other hand, is enraged. The tradition-bound and adamant man that he is, Appa (as Ravi calls him) is unmoved by the countless pleads and reasoning by his son and shuns him out of his home and life. Nevertheless, Ravi and Deborah take up jobs and shift base to Chennai hoping to resolve the matter. Subsequently as Ravi's mother comes around and is just settlin…

Wise and Otherwise : A Salute to Life

Rating: 3.5/5

Title: Wise and Otherwise : A Salute to Life
Author: Sudha Murthy
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 232
Publisher: Penguin Books

Yet another splendid book by Sudha Murthy, this time with real incidents out of her experience closet. As is the case with the rest of her books that I've had the pleasure reading, this one too leaves the reader with a distinct humbleness and sometimes, with a disturbing truth.

This book is a set of short stories (true occurrences), that took place with the author herself. As the strong, open minded and always-ready-to-help woman that she is, Mrs. Murthy's stance in majority of these stories highlights the plight of the common man/woman in India. Whether it is a rank holder with a poor financial background or an educated and working married woman, the height of helplessness is so prominent that it moved me to tears. On the other hand, there are also tales of those helped by the author reminiscing and being grateful that humbles her,…