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Book Review : Death Under The Deodars - The Adventures of Miss Ripley-Bean

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Title: Death Under The Deodars - The Adventures of Miss Ripley-Bean
Author: Ruskin BondGenre: Fiction, Mystery, Murder
Pages: 208
Publisher: Penguin Random House India

Rating: 3.7/5

After being on my wishlist since it's release,Death Under the Deodarsfinally arrived and I was over the moon! I get excited about things like the book being a hardback instead of a regular paperback and that each story began with a small sketch of deodar trees drawn in freehand. The cover is as mysterious as it can get, but if it is Ruskin Bond, you cannot expect any less, can you?

The book is the latest one from Mr. Bond and is a collection of 8 short stories. The characters remain the same in all the stories, with events evolving around them. Miss Ripley-Bean is the central character in the book. She is seventy plus and has many stories to share. She lives in a portion of the Royal Hotel in Mussorie, which belonged to her father, but later sold to the current owner, Nandu. Mr. Lobo, anoth…

Book Review: Smugglers & Scones (Moorehaven Mysteries #1)

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Title: Smugglers &Scones (Moorehaven Mysteries #1)
Author: Morgan C. Talbot
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Murder
Pages: 222
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing

Rating: 4/5

My first impression of the book was that this is going to be an interesting read. Why? One look at the cover and I instantly fell in love! Doesn't it look cute and pleasantly old school? The powder blue and the picture of scones and coffee, made me want to reach for the book that very moment. I was waiting to finish the previous book so that I could finally tuck my hands into this one. Settle down with a mug of coziness and you're all set on this mystery!

The story is about Pippa and the curious happenings in the little seaside town of Seacrest in Oregon. Pippa runs a B&B named Moorehaven, the residence of the late mystery writer Raymond Moorehaven. The place is a regular with mystery authors who come here to find ideas and inspirations for their books. The story begins with a bo…

Book Review: Palm Beach Deadly (Charlie Crawford Mystery Book #3)

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Title: Palm Beach Deadly (Charlie Crawford Mystery Book #3)
Author: Tom Turner
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Murder
Pages: 278

Rating: 4/5

When there's a murder mystery around, I just can't wait to dive in. It is a perfect stimulant to the weary, bored mind and perks me up instantly.Palm Beach Deadly by Tom Turner is one such book. Although it is a part of a series, it is a standalone and an enjoyable one at that. After long I have come across a mystery so good, I feel I should do a mystery marathon and read all the ones in my wishlist. But, sadly, that will have to wait. Prior commitments, you see. Anyway, I think I should stop with my ramblings and get down to business. Right!

Detectives Charlie Crawford and Mort Ott are called upon when a wealthy talk show host, Knight Mulcahy from Palm Beach, is murdered. The body is found in the pool house with a bullet to his chest. Knight Mulcahy had debased so many guests through his show that putting an end…

Book Review: Half Pants Full Pants : Real-Life Tales from Shimoga

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Title: Half Pants Full Pants: Real-Life Tales from Shimoga
Author: Anand Suspi
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary
Pages: 221
Publisher: Hector Beverages India Private Limited

Rating: 4.5/5

Paperboat always sends books and stuff, but what I look forward to are the cute little notes that come along! It adds a personal touch and is truly humbling. Thank you Paperboat for sending me this treasure of a book! I'll get to the review and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Half Pants Full Pantsis a collection of childhood reminisces by Anand Suspi (the author), set in the town of Shimoga in Karnataka. The book begins with a short introduction of Shimoga before getting along with the stories. The author shares some unique experiences from his childhood such as inventing capris, making magnets, kung fu with mosquitoes and eating blades. I do not wish to indulge you in detail as it will take away the fun out of it. All I would like to mention is that it takes us back to our chil…

Book Review: Don't Believe in God Till You Experience Him

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Title: Don't Believe in God Till You Experience Him
Author: Mukul Kumar
Genre: Fiction, Religion, Spirituality
Pages: 265
Publisher: Frog Books

Rating: 4/5

This is the author, Mukul Kumar's, second book. The title caught my attention instantly because this is a mantra I myself believe in. Religion and beliefs are so varied and personal for each of us and it is best that we discover our faith ourselves, through experiences. There are a lot of self proclaimed institutes/people out there that sell religion that, if we decide to trust them, leave us hollow from within. This is what the book is all about.

Don't Believe in God Till You Experience Himis the story of Mukul. He is born into a joint family in Bihar. Mukul is a bright child but is brought up inattentively by the joint family. Soon, the family separates and despite the financial problems, Mukul gets into an engineering college and is sent off to college in Delhi. The au…

Author Interview : Mukul Kumar

Q. Hello Mukul and congratulations on publishing your second book 'Don't Believe in God Till You Experience Him'. Please tell us what the book is about.

Mukul: Thank you Chitra. All of us in our own way make some choices around our belief systems. The search for supreme, spiritual quest and faith in supernatural have a lot to do with our life events, conditioning that we receive from the society and early influences. In the end, we also reach a stage when we have to decide on our own. We do not have a guide, a role model left. The book narrates the life of an ordinary person who also reaches that state where he needs to reflect on his life learning.

Q. The protagonist's name is Mukul in the book. Is the story based on your personal life experience?
Mukul: The story has inspirations from real life.

Q. How did you begin writing?
Mukul: Writing for me is a means of distressing and expressing my real self. I realized that I was feeling bottled up and uneasy in my life due to th…