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A Place Of No Importance

Download this book from Juggernauthere.

Title: A Place Of No Importance
Author: Veena Muthuraman
Genre: Fiction, Short Stories

Rating: 4/5

This is another e-book that Juggernaut (the app) sent me in exchange for a review. This book isn't available on Flipkart or Amazon. I am not even sure if there is a paperback version of it. But you could download it from Juggernaut, if interested. A Place Of No Importance is a collection of thirteen short stories, all of which are based out of a small south Indian village.

The small village of Ayyanarpatti forms the dais for the stories in the book. In each story, different characters of the village come alive, complete with eventful goings on, which have been articulately described by the author. Each story has been set in each month of the Tamil calendar. The book begins with a story set in the month of Aipasi ( mid-October to mid-November). Hence, the stories are complete with the festivities/celebrations related to the particular month. Some of…