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Book Review: Defending Rebecca - A Novella

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Title: Defending Rebecca : A Novella
Author: A. K. Bruinn
Genre: Fiction, Family, Domestic Life
Pages: 111

Rating: 4.5/5

I just finished reading this book and sat down to review immediately because I couldn't wait to share my thoughts with all of you!Defending Rebecca is a true story with little fiction thrown in and, might I add, it is absolutely interesting, funny and thoroughly enjoyable. Here's a little something about the story.

Emma's is a Finnish family, complete with a husband and two children, living in Vancouver. She is this happy, domestic woman who enjoys baking and, like any other regular wife, has her share of frustrating moments with her husband. She hires an au pair, Rebecca, for help for a time period of five weeks. Rebecca is actually a part of a reality show. The show records the au pair's experience with Emma's family; moments, interviews et al.  Emma is super excited to have Rebe…

Book Review: Shadows Of The Northlands

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Title: Shadows of the Northlands
Author: Vishwesh Desai
Genre: Fantasy, Historical
Pages: 512
Publisher: Estrade Publishers

Rating: 4/5

Shadows of the Northlandsis a historical fantasy by Vishwesh Desai. The author is a 14 year old, yes you read that right! I cannot begin to tell you how surprised I was when I read the book and connected the effort to that of a 14 year old. It is just truly exceptional! More on my thoughts later. First, let's get to the summary.

Salisar is a mighty empire, attacks on which have been ceased centuries ago. But recent events of destruction tell a different story. Merin, a bounty hunter and Rikkard, the courtier mage, are given the responsibility to find the root cause of it all. Together they travel the empire and encounter shocking mysteries, not to mention the secret Merin discovers, related to his past. They also have to unravel the mystery of the dark forces that threaten the empire. I am not revealing much here as usual, I need you to…

Book Review: The Thousand Tiny Miracles of Living Twice (Angel Aid Book 1)

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Title: The Thousand Tiny Miracles of Living Twice ( Angel Aid Book 1)
Author: Katarina West
Genre: Fiction, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 550

Rating: 4/5

The synopsis of the book is enough to get a reader going. The author, Katarina West, has left no stone unturned to give us a heart touching and a surreal (quite literally!) experience. I can't wait to talk about this book, so let's get started, shall we?

Irene Nylander is a Finnish woman who lives with a husband who ignores her and a mother-in-law who despises her. Always wanting to help people, Irene leaves her job to take care of her mother-in-law and joins the rut of a domesticated life. She is fifty, over weight and is crazy about movies and no matter how much she tries, she never is able to stick to her diet. On the other hand, Mimi Kavanough, a Hollywood celebrity is chilling on a yacht in Florence,Italy. She has it all. A beautiful face and body, fan following, money and, as …

Book Mention : The Thousand Tiny Miracles of Living Twice

The Thousand Tiny Miracles of Living Twice ANGEL AID BOOK 1 
Meet Irene Nylander, a frumpy housewife from Finland… and a yo-yo dieter. She feels trapped in an unhappy marriage, looking after her domineering mother-in-law and living vicariously through romantic movies. Meanwhile, in Florence, Mimi Kavanough’s star is rising. She has the body of a Barbie princess, the iron will of an army sergeant - and Hollywood in her sights. On her fiftieth birthday, Irene discovers her husband is having an affair. Devastated, she prays for a way out: she wants to die. In heaven, a mischievous angel called Aaron hears her prayers. He decides to make Irene and Mimi swap bodies. How will the two women cope with their unexpected, and very different, second lives? And will Aaron’s meddling get him evicted from heaven? What will happen if he has to transform into a human being and live on Earth?


Katarina West is the author of Witchcraft Couture and Absolute Truth, For Beginners…

Release Day Blitz : Palm Beach Bones

Tom Turner is at it again! His latest book in the Palm Beach series is out and promises to be just as exciting, if not more, than the previous ones.

Take a look.

Detective Charlie Crawford is having a tough week. First, Palm Beach’s ex-police chief washes up dead on the beach behind The Breakers. Then Charlie’s friend’s niece is abducted without a trace. As if that wasn’t bad enough, his brother just checked himself into a clinic for depression and alcoholism. The good news is Charlie’s love life has never been better…except with the woman he really loves.

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Also Available Books 1-3 in the Charlie Crawford series, all books can be read as stand-alone Palm Beach Nasty Amazon Amazon CA Amazon UK
Palm Beach Poison Amazon Amazon CA Amazon UK

Book Review: The Echoes of Love

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Title: The Echoes of Love
Author: Hannah Fielding
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Publisher: London Wall Publishing
Pages: 416

Rating: 4/5

The serene landscape of Italy, the calm waters of Venice, the soft glow of moonlight and the passion of a lover's embrace.The Echoes of Love is all this and much more. This is my second time reading a book by Hannah Fielding and once again, she has won me over!

Venetia Aston-Montagu is an architect, working in her godmother's firm in Venice. She meets Paolo who comes to her rescue one night and is instantly attracted to him but keeps her emotions in check as she is still healing from her lost love. Paolo, on the other hand, displays his feelings for her but Venetia is confused by the sad blue eyes of his. What secrets do they hold? They find themselves coming closer but then Venetia finds that Paolo has a beautiful, young girl living with him in Tuscany. With no other option but to travel to Tuscany …

Book Review : Forbidden - Better Wear Your Flak Jacket

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Title: Forbidden : Better Wear Your Flak Jacket
Author: Feather Stone
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense
Publisher: Romance Under Fire
Pages: 363

Rating: 4.2/5

A suspense, action packed thriller that managed to keep me hooked right from the beginning, Forbiddenby Feather Stone is one hell of a book. Feather Stone is a paramedic herself, the experiences of which she has duly referenced in the book. I am super excited to share my review, so here goes!

The year is 2047. Eliza Ramsay is a Canadian paramedic, waiting at an airport in The Republic of Islamic Provinces and Territories (RIPT), an amalgamation of Arabic nations. Her team from the Habitat office hadn't arrived yet. When they finally do, a couple of hours later, they all take a bus to go into the city of Samarra. But things take an ugly turn when all her colleagues are shot dead by a mysterious group who vanish from the spot soon after the massacre. Eliza is the only survivor, the only witness. C…

Book Excerpt : Sin and Cider

Sin and Cider, Copyright © 2017 by K. Reese
Shaking the lust from my mind, I decide to turn my focus to the inside of the barn now that I’ve finished the thankless task of clearing out weeds. I had pulled out some of the rubbish inside already but still have a lot of work to do. I pull one of the doors to the side, the gentle creaking sound washing over me in a wave of nostalgia. I make my way inside and step over dried leaves and debris, each step kicking up a layer of dust. I look ahead and broken slats of wood are on the ground; those must be part of the original roof that was destroyed. I survey the space and take in the old tanks where we used to make cider and the empty jugs, some whole and some broken, lining the walls on shelves covered in cobwebs. When I was a kid this barn was spotless and welcoming, the perfect place to make cider and welcome visitors. Now it looks like an old photograph and not the treasured memory it really is. I take a deep breath and the smells o…

Book Excerpt : Sheets and Secrets

BLOG TOUR Sheets and Secrets by Liv Moore Genre: Contemporary Romance Cover Designer: Oh So Novel Release Date: May 30, 2017

Ellie has realized becoming a stay at home writer has proven to be more challenging than rewarding. Living on the outskirts of the city with no potential job on the horizon, Ellie is left with too much time on her hands and not enough money. When a spot opens up at the strip club down the street where her roommate works, she jumps at the opportunity. Plus, she is in desperate need of some writing inspiration. 
What could possibly go wrong?   
Kason has dated the wrong type of women his entire life. Being a cop, he's seen what goes on in the background of the clubs. After what happened years ago, he swore he would never get involved with a stripper ever again.  
Until he meets Ellie.   
Will Ellie be able to keep Kason and her job a secret? Will Kason run away from his past, or accept it and let Ellie in?   Will danger find them tangled between their sheets an…