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Manhattan Mango

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Title: Manhattan Mango
Author: Madhuri Iyer
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 280
Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing
ISBN-13: 9788172345129

Rating: 4/5

This book was on my to-read list for a long time. The title caught my eye for two reasons. Firstly, it was about Manhattan. Secondly, the "mango" in the tittle suggested that it would be a sweet Indian-ish story. I was sold! I had to finish the books that I had already started, so I waited. The summary of the book enticed me enough and I knew this was going to be one good read. 

The story is about the lives of three friends. Neel, Shankar and Shri  live and work in Manhattan who have shared a beautiful friendship right from their college days back in India. They are the Indians but love the American way of life. One rainy day they meet Shefali, who is from an affluent family and she joins the group. Soon Shefali and Neel are a pair. Vivian, a Chinese girl, is Shankar's colleague whom he begins dating. The addition of the gir…

World's Best Boyfriend

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Title: World's Best Boyfriend
Author: Durjoy Dutta
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Pages: 296
Publisher: Penguin Metro Reads
ISBN-13: 9780143424635

Rating: 3.5/5

Durjoy Dutta has authored many books, all in the romance genre. This is the first time I read his book. The crux of the story is right there in the title. See the word "worst" scratched and "best" written instead? That pretty much sums up the entire story.

To quote from the book - "Hate is a four letter word and so is love. And, sometimes people can't tell the difference." Aranya and Dhruv begin as friends. He looks past her vitiligo condition and accepts her whereas she tries to fill in the gaping void of loneliness in his life. Moving on wards as lovers in school, an unexpected incident breaks them apart. The incident brings out the helplessness in them but turns out rather nasty and destroys their relationship. So much so, that they hate each other, unforgivably. It leaves Dhruv bras…