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Book Review: Fatal Destiny (Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter Book 1)

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Title: Fatal Destiny (Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter Book 1)
Author: David DeLee
Publisher: Dark Road Publishing
Pages: 360
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Graveyards of the Banks - Slaughterhouse Mornings: Seven Seasons of Midnights at the Most Successful Bank in the Universe

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Title: Graveyards of the Banks - Slaughterhouse Mornings: Seven Seasons of Midnights at the Most Successful Banks in the Universe

Author: Nyla Nox
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Banking

Rating: 3/5

Slaughterhouse Mornings is the third and final book in the Graveyards of the Banks series by Nyla Nox. It is due to release in the month of March, 2017. The entire series is about the turbulent experience of the author when she started off working in the Most Successful Bank in the Universe, as she likes to call the bank in her books.

The book starts off with Nyla, working in the graveyard shift. She is hoping to find a break from the night shifts and the grueling schedule but nothing seems to work in her favor. One by one, all her team members are let go and she begins to wonder about her very survival in the bank. The Bagman (he is always seen with a travel bag, hence the name), is a top notch, rich and successful businessman, who flies all over the world imparting his p…

Book Mention : Palm Beach Deadly (Charlie Crawford Mystery Book 3)

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Title: Palm Beach Deadly (Charlie Crawford Mystery Book 3)
Author: Tom Turner
Genre: Mystery, Murder, Fiction

Book Blurb

Catch up on Charlie Crawford and Mort Ott as they try to solve their new murder case. Knight Mulcahy makes 40 million a year on his top-rated radio show trashing people. Until the night he’s found down at his pool house tryst pad with his skivvies around his ankles, a bullet in his heart. Enter Palm Beaches finest homicide cops Charlie Crawford and Mort Ott, who proceed to go in circles as the suspect list ramps up close to double digits.

Sin, scandal, murder… if you’ve read Nasty and Poison, you know the drill!

Kirkus Reviews said,“Readers who enjoyed the previous two installments [of the Palm Beach series] will welcome the return of Charlie Crawford, still cynically charming …

Book Mention - My Journey In Tennis: How I Learnt To Excel (And You Can Too)

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Title: My Journey In Tennis : How I Learnt To Excel (And You Can Too)
Author: Sana Shehabi
Genre: Children, Life Experience

Book Blurb

A personal story of learning to triumph, this concise account explains what it takes to follow your dreams. From first learning to play tennis to developing the commitment and motivation to become a top player, author Sana Shehabi relates her experiences with this fascinating sport.
Thirteen-year-old Sana has developed a work ethic to be proud of, including all her efforts off the court, her constantly improving technical skills, and her understanding of what it means to sacrifice for your goals. Hers is a two-part experience: she relates the specifics that every tennis player needs to excel as well as how she’s been shaped as a person by pursuing her passion. Anyone can play the game, but whether you win or lose, only your attitude determines the true outcome. Someday soon, Sana plans to play tennis professionally. She credits her amazin…

Book Review : The Old Man and The Princess

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Title: The Old Man and The Princess
Author: Sean-Paul Thomas
Genre: Fiction, Mystery

Rating: 4/5

The Old Man and The Princess by Sean-Paul Thomas is a mysterious and emotional story, all of which that takes place against the backdrop of the Scottish landscape. It is a touching story about the relationship between a girl and an old man.

Sersha is an orphan, living with her foster parents, when she is kidnapped by an old man, Derek. Sersha expects the worst but when Derek tells her that he will be reuniting her with her parents, she is surprised. Derek keeps referring to Sersha  as Princess and upon questioning reveals that she actually is a princess from Mars and that she was sent to Earth as a baby for her own safety. But now that she is needed back home, Derek would do his duty and safely take her back.

While Sersha isn't convinced of this story, Derek's behavior and his protective attitude towards her alters her perspective about him. They se…

Book Review : Legacy (Andalucian Nights #3)

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Title: Legacy (Andalucian Nights #3)
Author: Hannah Fielding
Genre: Fiction, Romance

Rating: 4/5

Legacyby Hannah Fielding is the third book in the Andalucian series. The book is an intense and intriguing romance, which does not allow the reader to put it down. Not even for a moment!

Luna Ward, a medical journalist, is sent to Spain to conduct a research on an institute that preaches the use of herbalism and hypnotherapy as an alternate cure for cancer patients. Her organised and proper life tumbles down when she lays eyes on Ruy, the handsome gypsy musician and also the institute's head. While Ruy doesn't shy from expressing his feelings for her, Luna finds herself in a tug of war. Her primitive emotions on one side and the fact that she is secretly spying on him, on the other. 

Ruy, on the other hand, is mesmerized by Luna but he has some demons of his own too. The past creeps up to him from time to time and puts him in a tangled spot as Ruy thinks of finding the…