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The Spy

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Title: The Spy
Author: Paulo Coelho
Genre: Fiction, Drama, Biography
Pages: 208
Publisher: Penguin Random House India Private Limited
ISBN-13: 978-0670089536

Rating: 4/5
The Spy by Paulo Coelho is based on the personal life of Mata Hari, the famous exotic dancer. The book begins with the execution of Mata Hari by the French firing squad when she is found guilty of being a spy. The story then takes us back to when she was a married woman and how she begins her journey from being a penniless new comer in Paris to a rich and popular exotic dancer who seemed to have the most powerful people at her feet. Her dancing and beauty stood out from the rest because of her independent way of life. And how, during the first world war, she was found guilty of committing treason, albeit of no fault of hers, and was sentenced to be executed.

The book is a short read highlighting only the personal high and lows of Mata Hari. The narrative is divided into two, first from her point of view and…

Top 5 books by Jeffrey Archer

With the Clifton Chronicles done, I decided it was time I did a top 5 post by one of my favorite authors, you guessed it, Jeffrey Archer. I must add, I haven't read all of his books but with whatever little knowledge I possess, I wish to reveal my top 5 reads and hope that this helps you, whether you are new to the author or are looking to read one of his books. Please note, I haven't included any of his short stories and plays here. They can make a different post, what say?

So, let's begin!

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1. Kane and Abel

My first pick has to be Kane and Abel. Although it is the first book in a series, it has to be Archer's finest work. The story includes everything from drama, romance, politics and rivalry and is sure to leave a lasting impression on the reader. A must read.

2. False Impression

False Impression brings a smile to my face whenever I think of it. What an amazing story line and the climax, absolutely unpredictable. A deligh…

This Was A Man - The Clifton Chronicles #7

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Title: This Was A Man
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Genre: Fiction, Drama
Pages: 400
Publisher: Pan Macmillan UK
ISBN-13: 978-1447252252

Rating: 4.4/5

The intense Clifton chronicle continues and ends(sadly) with the last book of the series, This Was a Man. The book takes the saga forward with heart touching moments scattered across the pages of this epic series, one like no other.

Emma rises high in her carer as she is appointed the Minister of Health by Margaret Thatcher's government. But this is not the end of the line for her. Meanwhile, Harry decides to begin his final William Warwick novel which he wants to accomplish as per his late mother's wishes. Giles finds out about Karin's secret and on the other hand, Lady Virginia refuses to get out of their lives. Little Freddie is a young boy now who idolizes Giles, primarily for his flair in cricket. Seb is busy tackling Desmond Mellor and Jim Knowles as they resurface again. Jessica wins her place at the prestigious Sl…