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Book Review: Cascade

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Title: Cascade
Author: Peter Harper
Genre: Fiction, Action, Adventure
Pages: 293

Rating: 3.5/5

Cascade by Peter Harper is an action packed adventure which successfully enthralls the reader. It has guns, fights, political strategies, and one of the most exciting component - chase! So without any further ado, let's get to the review.

Shani Balcescu, an Oxford student, receives a message that her adopted father has had a heart attack for the second time. Before dying, he apologizes to her and mentions Seroule ( a west African region), but she doesn't think much of it. As she is recovering from her loss, she finds shocking revelations about her origin and about how her real parents got gunned down in Africa amidst a political coup. Along with a French Journalist, Nicholas Dubois, she meets a Seroulese rebel, who tries to convince her of his help, but Shani has her doubts. Together, they help Shani uncover more information when suddenly Nicholas is kidnapped. As Shani sets about to rescue him, she realizes she is being chased by the very people who killed her parents. Shani knows she has to fight. But how? And can she trust Khamadi, the rebel, who claims to be helping her?

There is much more action that goes on after this point where I stopped the summary but sorry, no spoilers here. The story paces smoothly with its catchy narrative. It is a complete action book, I might say, giving you the feeling of watching a movie. The writing is commendable, I found it totally concentrated on the story at hand with some bits of romance going on. The title, however, just resonates once in the entirety of the book which didn't quite leave a bold impression, in my opinion.

The book is great, it is a fast paced action packed story. So why is my rating 3.5? Well, I found the story to be a little slow in the beginning. It picks up pace only after a quarter of the story is down, hence the rating. But I would like to point out that the rest of the story is absolutely exciting, I couldn't put it down, all the way till the end. All in all, a great story with powerful ingredients all thrown in to make one thrilling read!

Definitely recommended to all action lovers.

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Book Mention: Heath, Cliffs and Wandering Hearts


To celebrate Laura Barnard's birthday week she's put Heath, Cliffs & Wandering Hearts FREE - To win a SIGNED PAPERBACK and £5/$5 Amazon Gift Card just head on over to her facebook page.
WINNER of Best Young Adult Book 2016 - Jo & Isa Love Books Reader's Choice Awards

Book Blurb
Life for sixteen year old Savannah Franks has just been turned upside down. Her Mum’s business has failed and they’re forced to move into a maisonette in the rough end of town.
She doesn’t want anyone to know her dire situation, not even her besties. So when the rest of the money for the school ski trip is due she can’t be seen not to attend. Everyone is going! She just needs to find a job. Add that to the list of getting a boyfriend and losing her pathetic virginity.
But working every spare hour in a job she hates on top of school work and mounting secrets doesn’t prove easy. Soon she’s keeping so many she’s not even sure herself what’s true and what’s not.
The only person she can lean on to tell the truth is her best friend Heath.
Only…did he get hot recently? That won’t make things awkward between them…right?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Book Review: Excess Baggage

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Title: Excess Baggage
Author: Laura Barnard
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 220

Rating: 4/5

The just released Excess Baggage by Laura Barnard is a breezy, young romance. Nevertheless, it can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age

Erica is enjoying her vacation with friends when she bumps into Jack, her first love. Only now, Jack seems absolutely irresistible and Erica finds herself completely flustered. Similar feelings haunt Jack and he can't seem to keep himself distanced from Erica for long. But with Karl (Erica's current boyfriend) and Amber (who is constantly checking on Jack) in the picture, things aren't going too well for the duo. Not to mention their own history when they were together 15 years ago. Will the planets finally align for the both of them?

The story carries a casual and modern tone mainly due to its language.  The narrative is in the first person that toggles from one character to the next. The writing is relaxed and expresses how much the author enjoys writing romances​. The expressions, emotions and love scenes are aesthetically done. It is a quick and light read. It isn't a very complex love story which is great if you just want to chill with a book.

Now to the characters. Erica and Jack, the main characters, are painted as the hopelessly-in-love couple. I especially liked the protectiveness that Jack shows towards Erica, so romantic! Erica's reservations and submissions​ are excellently portrayed and in my opinion, her character is a winner, hands down! There are the friends too, the ever protective Evelyn to the carefree Brooke and the others who add substance to the cozy and warm atmosphere created by the author.

Overall, a short, quick and cozy read to enjoy during travels or a weekend, Excess Baggage is a recommended read to all romance lovers. Read it and grow younger!

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***

Monday, May 22, 2017

New Release: Excess Baggage

Grab your copy now -

Win a SIGNED PAPERBACK and Amazon voucher (details below).
'An absolute must read this Summer!' Lady Living in Bookland
'Quintessential British humour; I felt like I was on a girls holiday with my own chicks.'  Persuing Princesses Book Blog
'Almost made me pee myself I laughed so hard!' Shelly's Book Corner

Stuck in a dead-end relationship, Erica Bennett finds herself daydreaming of her first holiday romance. She was fifteen, it was exciting, new and full of possibilities…and Jack Lawson was hot as hell. That kind of thing leaves a mark.

So when her friends suggest a girls holiday to Luna Island, it’s exactly what she needs to take her mind off things. What she doesn’t expect is to spot Jack – a much older, hotter version of him – across the hotel lobby.

Their attraction is still there and it isn’t long before sparks fly, but fifteen years is a long time. They aren’t the same people they were back then and besides, it’s only a week, right?

Is it a second chance at something real or will their excess baggage ruin their shot at love after they leave Luna Island?

Head on over to Laura's facebook page to enter her release day giveaway to be in with a chance of winning a signed paperback of EXCESS BAGGAGE and a £5/$5 Amazon gift card.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Top 5 Agatha Christie Books

*This is not a sponsored post*

Whether you are new to Agatha Christie or have been basking in the intricacies of the said genius, this list will, hopefully, be helpful anyway. It is a list of my personal favorites. If you are a Christie fan and have a different list to this one, then please do share it with me. I'd love to know!

It was a tough task to select only five titles for this lot. I have edited and re-edited the list so many times, yet it feels like something is missing. Sigh! Well, that's how her books are, all equally amazing. She's not known the Queen of Crime for nothing!

Just a little introduction before I begin. I read my first Christie novel when I was 13 I guess, not too sure. Until then I was solving mysteries with Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys but when I read a Christie, I suddenly felt grown up! I didn't even understand all of it at first, but I remember re-reading it only to be captured in this trance of unimaginable plots and human psychology, that is Christie's signature. Since then I have been re-reading whichever book I can lay my hands on and can proudly say, have made myself a charming little collection! Okay, now I know I said a little introduction, clearly that didn't happen. On to the list!

My Top 5 Agatha Christie Books

1. And Then There Were None

This book will always top any list of mine. I have read this book a few times and can never get over it. And Then There Were None is my absolute favorite! There have been so many adaptations of this book yet, nothing beats the original, this one right here.

I cannot express how mind boggling the plot is. The climax just takes your breath away, trust me. It is Christie's masterpiece! If you haven't read it already, you haven't seen the best of Christie, yet.

Read my review of And Then There Were None here.

2. Cat Among The Pigeons

Another one of my top favorites is Cat Among The Pigeons. Not just because it features Hercule Poirot - the short, egg shaped head guy, who gives you the anything-but-a-detective impression (and who also happens to be my favorite fictional detective out there). The highlight is the story. There is adventure, suspense, mysterious murders that will not allow you to put the book down. Exciting and adrenaline pumping, this one is a treasure.

Read my review of Cat Among The Pigeons here.

3. Murder on the Orient Express

One of the popular books of Agatha Christie, this book is beyond compare. As the name suggests, there is a murder on the Orient Express one night and the next day the train is stopped due to a snowstorm. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, doubt hops from one suspect to the other, creating a tense situation. The murderer is aboard, and even the great Hercule Poirot is not sure as to who has killed in such a merciless way.

Love the plot, the suspense and of course, Poirot!

Buy Murder On The Orient Express here.

4. The Mousetrap And Selected Plays

Mousetrap is a murder mystery play by Agatha Christie. It is coveted as the world's longest running play in West End, London. The format of the story is that of a play but it is famous for the twist at the end! Exciting and horrifying, this one will pull the rug right from under your feet!

Buy The Mousetrap And Selected Plays here.

5. The Mysterious​ Affair at Styles

The Mysterious Affair at Styles is Agatha Christie's first published book, introducing Hercule Poirot, the Belgian detective, Captain Hastings and other important characters. Excellently rendered and well written, this book is a gateway to all things thrilling!

Buy The Mysterious Affair at Styles here.

There are many others that are worth mentioning but then the list would have to be renamed Top 50. What are your Agatha Christie favorites? Leave a comment and let me know. Till then, keep the little grey cells working, mon ami!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Book Review: Condemned - The Richmore Series

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Title: Condemned : The Richmore Series
Author: Hayley Oakes
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 519

Rating: 4/5

Condemend by Hayley Oakes is the first book in the Richmore series. It is a contemporary romance that includes love, heart break, suffering, yearning, basically all the essential elements required to weave a good romance. The book is the latest release among the many other romances by the author.

William Devereux and Jessa Jones are next door neighbours since childhood but were not exactly friends. Will was known for being brash and Jessa would never want to go near him. But things change during their teenage and Jessa falls for the rough, dominant Will and just as she begins​ to trust him, he leaves her, heartbroken. Years later when they meet, something has changed in Will but Jessa doesn't want to take a second chance. But will she be able to resist his charms and forgive him? Would that be a wise thing to do?

The story is not a casual romance. It is sophisticated and real. The story moves in a good pace, regularly providing the readers with enough substance to relish upon. The narrative is intense, superb writing by the author.

Now a little something about the characters. Jessa and Will make you fall in love with them. Will doesn't come across as boyfriend material in the beginning, not a romantic or even normal. But as the story progresses, the readers understand his behaviour and even empathise with him. Jessa is the loved one, the good girl, the one with the perfect job but hasn't been lucky in love. Lacey, Jessa's bestie, is this lovable, crazy friend (everyone should have one like her!) who is always there for her. All the characters come together to create a wonderful story that makes your day.

Last word. Loved the book, loved the characters. Definitely recommend.

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New Release: Condemned by Hayley Oakes

Condemned is out now!  Check out this beautifully written second chance romance which will have you swooning so hard it's impossible to stand straight!

For eight years, I’ve lived with the scars left by him.

William Devereux consumed me until I didn’t know where I ended and he began ... I tried to forget but I was forever changed.

And now he’s back.

Gone is the aggressive hothead who hurt me and set my body on fire in equal measure, replaced with a responsible, doting, single father.

I’m trying my best to remain unaffected.

He’s trying his best to make amends.

Sometimes the one thing you shouldn’t want, is the one thing you can’t breathe without.

Connect with Hayley

Monday, May 8, 2017

Author Interview: Rahul Mitra

Today we have Rahul Mitra, the author of The Boy From Pataliputra, with us for a casual interview. Love the cheeky photograph he sent! So, without further ado, let's get started.

Book Vue: Welcome to Book Vue, Rahul and congratulations on your book. Please tell us a little something about The 
Boy From Pataliputra.
Rahul Mitra: Thank you.
The Boy from Pataliputra is the story of Aditya Vikram, a young boy from an aristocratic family of Pataliputra 
who is forced to escape from Magadha under dramatic circumstances. It’s basically about his life in exile, his 
journey and experiences, the friends he makes and his gradual transformation from a brash, selfish spoilt 
brat into a balanced and mature person. At least, that’s the story on the surface.
Underneath this basic narrative, it’s also a powerful story about India and the formation of a nation. You 
must remember that the Mauryan empire, which came into being under Chandragupta Maurya and 
Chanakya, was the first ‘All India empire’. It was the first time that all of India (or at least a large part of it) 
was united under a single political and administrative authority. In some senses, it can be argued that it was 
the invasion of the Greeks under Alexander, that set in motion this unifying impulse and that’s what I have 
tried to show in this book. So while, on the one hand, it’s a straightforward ‘coming of age’ tale, while on the 
other it’s a historical novel based on days and months of painstaking historical research. It’s an attempt to 
find the roots of this ‘Idea of India’.
Apart from all of this, it also contains a bit of light-hearted romance, and quite a bit of social and political 
commentary. If you read between the lines, you will find that there are references to Indian society and 
politics of today as well. It also contains philosophical ideas and my ideas on how one should lead one’s life, 
the difference between a man and a boy and the meaning of challenges and pain in life. So in short, it’s a 
complicated book that cannot be easily slotted into any one genre. 
However, it’s a fairly enjoyable read and you can go through it all and interpret it in any way that strikes your 
particular fancy. This is what I have seen in the reviews and the feedback I am getting. It’s clear that 
different readers have been affected by different aspects of the book. Some have even ascribed motives 
and interpreted it in ways I never thought of.

BV: Does your fascination always steers towards the history of India or do you like to explore?
RM: No, no not at all. I am actually interested in a wide variety of topics. Some of the things that obsess me are 
related to India, such as Indian politics, the ‘idea of India’ and our rich culture and heritage. I am also quite 
interested in physical culture, cuisine, our modern lives, philosophy and so on. 
In fact, though The Boy from Pataliputra is a historical fiction novel, I am very sure you will find glimpses of 
all these interests in different parts of the novel.

BV: How much of dedication goes behind the research for such a book and where do you find references?
RM: A lot. As you know, since the last few years, it is mythology that has been ruling the roost in India. So when I 
decided to write this book, I was very clear that I wanted this to be a proper historical fiction book rather than 
being based on legends/mythology. So I have tried to put in as much real history into this book as possible.
Of course, this is tough, because as you know we in India, have not had a long historical tradition. That is 
why, we have such scanty information about personalities like Chanakya and Chandragupta. Even things 
like the Battle of the Hydaspes, and Alexander’s invasion of India are only recorded in Greek accounts and 
not in Indian accounts. Thankfully, we do have Buddhist and Jaina works from this period, which have 
obliquely recorded some of the common legends surrounding Chanakya. We also have the play 
Mudrarakshasa and even the Vishnu Purana which mentions Chanakya’s story. How much of this is fictional 
and how much real, we do not know, for the different sources carry different versions of the story. However, 
we also have the Arthashastra, which gives us a peek into society and life of that time.
For my references, I have mostly referred to two seminal works on Indian history by Romila Thapar. One is 
Early India and the other is called Cultural Pasts. Of course, even with all that I had to rely a lot on legendsand the folklore surrounding the Chanakya story. However, even where things are based on legend, I have 
also used my own deductions to keep the story as realistic and as far from fantastic as possible.
Just to give you one example- contrary to popular revisionist theories, in my book you will find Chanakya 
being a Jain, for this is how it is recorded in the Jain chronicles. It seemed the most logical to me, given the 
fact that his closest student and mentee, Chandragupta Maurya retired to the forests as a Jain and fasted to 
death in the prescribed manner. It is also likely, given the influence of Jains in the courts of Magadha over 
several generations, where they often held important ministerial posts. 

BV: Is there a sequel to the book in the making?
RM: Of course there is. Aditya needs to get his revenge, after all and a unified India needs to be formed! So there 
are two sequels in the works. 

BV: Has writing always been your passion?
RM: Well, let me put it this way- Writing is my work, I was put on this earth to write stuff that others can enjoy. But 
it’s not all fun and games, and that’s why I did not use the word Passion. Somehow, I don’t like the ease with 
which people throw around this word. There seems to be an implicit assumption that passion means 
something that is easy and enjoyable and this is hardly what writing is about.
No, It means working just as hard as anyone doing an office job, and taking twice the stress. I actually have 
to sit down to write, and force myself to write even when I have no idea in my head. Then, when I look at it 
again later, I realize it’s shit and often have to re-write it again. And this is done over and over again, 
everyday, till the written stuff becomes good. On top of that are the uncertainties of whether this will sell, 
whether people will like it or in the first place, it will be published at all. So, no, I am not ‘very lucky’ or ‘having 
a lot of fun’ because I am, following my passion, rather I am working twice as hard trying to earn as well as 
achieve my dream of being a writer. On the other hand, writing being my passion means that I am very clear 
that I was put on this earth to contribute to society by writing stories that force people to think.
If you ask me, was I always this clear about my calling, then no, I wasn’t. I always enjoyed reading, and 
during college I realized, I was good at writing. I did have vague dreams of being a writer, but I always 
struggled against it since it didn’t feel like a practical choice. It is only now, after wasting many years in 
corporate life and realizing that it doesn’t satisfy me that I started writing again and this time with a purpose. 

BV: Who are some of your favourite authors?
RM: Lot’s of them- I used to be a guy who would read everything, even mail order catalogues, scientific books, 
advertisements- anything. It sprang from being naturally curious about everything. The curiosity is still there, 
but I don’t have the time anymore so my reading now is quite restricted.
My favourite authors are Ernest Hemingway, Saadat Hasan Manto, William Saroyan, John Irving, George 
Orwell, Alexandre Dumas, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, Bibhuti bhushan Bandopadhyay, Satyajit Ray, 
Robert Luis Stevenson, George RR Martin, Salman Rushdie, Ryszard Kapuscinski, Ismat Chughtai, L.Frank Baum, Harishankar Parsai, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and many more.

I also really love autobiographies. 

BV: When are you planning on your next book?
RM: I hope it’ll be published by the end of next year.

Thank you so much for your time, Rahul. Looking forward to the next book and wishing you all the very best for the future.

If you haven't read The Boy From Pataliputra yet, don't wait. You can read my review of the book here.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Book Review: Warjuna (Book 1: Mrithasu Rising)

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Title: Warjuna (Book 1 : Mrithsau Rising)
Author: Krishnaraj
Genre: Fiction, Mythology
Pages: 314
Publisher: Notion Press

Rating: 4/5

Warjuna is the first book in a series of a mythological tale set in an alternate universe called The Age of Atulya. The author, Krishnaraj, has borrowed some characters from the epic Mahabharata and used it in his book to create, what definitely is, a sophisticated series in the making.

The earth and it's inhabitants are recovering from Pralaya but peace is far within reach. The Hayacrees, a ruthless army of unimaginable power, have been spotted marching towards Bharata. As one by one the kingdoms succumb to their atrocities, there seems no hope until a prince from the kingdom of Wagharr seems to appear out of nowhere to provide complete support to these kingdoms. Arjuna was sent by his father, the king of Wagharr, to safely provide passage to their women and children to avoid the Hayacrees. When he encounters magical powers and divinely inspired people, he is confused for a while but only to find out his true purpose. With Kanha, the king of Dwaraka for support, Arjuna reaches out to help as much as he can. But things aren't as easy as he had envisioned. Burdened with guilt and grief, he begins his journey back home to Wagharr but is shocked to see what he finds there.

The first thing that caught my attention was the title. Warjuna. It may sound strange but when the reading begins, the connection is easily established. Arjuna of Wagharr. I have to appreciate how intense and apt the cover looks. It sets the reader ready for the journey within the pages.

I found the storyline to be interesting, especially the beginning. Very well written. The strange happenings right at the start piqued my attention and that's a great way to start a book, right? The narrative is smooth but I found certain repeatitions in the beginning of each chapter (especially with relation to Kanha) that I'm not sure were entirely necessary. But it is nothing that hampers the reading or the story in any way.

There are many characters here but nothing too complicated or hard to keep track of. The descriptions for each one are just enough for an overall idea. Arjuna is the main character and although this is the first book in the series, the reader is able to relate to him instantly. That's how well conceived the character of Arjuna is. 

Overall, Warjuna is a great start to a series that is refined and elegant. If you are into mythogical fiction like me, then you must get your hands on this one. Waiting for the next book. 

Highly recommended.

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Author Interview : Priyanka Sharma Kaintura

Meet Priyanka Sharma Kaintura, author of My Jiffies, a beautiful collection of experiences and bite-sized narrations that I very recently reviewed on this blog. Here's a little tete-a-tete with her.

BookVue: Priyanka, welcome to Book Vue. Your book, My Jiffies, is very unique. What gave you the idea for such a book?

Priyanka Sharma Kaintura: Thank you Chitra, but I didn’t know that I was making something unique! What I did know is that a good structure is the backbone of a good book, or shall I say the ‘spine’ of a book. So my challenge was either to divide the writings by the format of rendering or by the emotions they recite. I chose a mix of both. Orations, Monologues & Dialogues, Stories, Life Aphorisms and Eclogues are the five formats, while Pathos & Satire express two different emotions.

Also I haven’t come across very many books carrying sections such as Monologues and Dialogues or Orations. So that was done to add a unique and delectable flavor
for the reader.

Another differentiator is the bespectacled owl, who is taking the reader through the
excursion of experiencing the book in seven different sections. Owl is commonly
known for wisdom which makes a rather good fit for taking up the role of
deciphering the tacit sentiments and messages turned upside down, netted in my book.

I have been penning my fragmented thoughts. And as I met more people, more
situations my observations became wider and richer. Most of my writings were met
with a response which told me that these observations are striking a chord with my
readers. And that’s because they see themselves in it. I found that it was quite like I was telling their untold musings. That is when the idea for the book came about. I
decided to reach out to more such hearts.
The observations are continuing and My Jiffies are being rolled out even after the

BV: Are you in the habit of recording daily events yourself?
PSK: Writing is an extension of my personality. It is simply who I am. Anything that touches my heart or makes me reflect becomes a story. I try to blog every few days to keep in touch with my readers and share these reflections through My Jiffies.

BV: Where do you draw your inspirations from?
PSK: Human vulnerabilities and their tussles to dress them in words or in silence, inspire me to write. I am a compulsive observer and explorer which is why I write on subjects related to society, love, relationships and mythological interpretation.

Every noteworthy or insignificant, radical or mundane moment around us is a story,
only if watched closely. A contained expression, a slightly longer pause, an anxiousembrace, expectant silence, disquiet farewell; our jiffies can come from anywhere. Life is but a sequence of moments and I call them jiffies. My Jiffies, the book captures a string of such jiffies reciting tacit sentiments or messages turned upside down in our everyday life.

BV: Has writing always been your forte?
PSK: I studied science at school and then hopped into business management and gathered myself a career in marketing and communication. I have been working for
more than 18 years now with both local and global organizations.

So yes, my work-life has been about drawing observations and deriving correlations for business, fostering a perpetual spectator in her. The aptitude therefore went way beyond business and turned out to be the foundation of my storytelling through My Jiffies.

BV: Who are some of your favourite authors?
PSK: Elif Shafak, J K Rowling, Khushwant Singh, Paulo Coelho.

BV: When can we expect your next book?
PSK: Writing is a journey which will continue. In the course of this excursion, I cannot predict what I will run into. I have a few book structures in my mind that I am toying with, it could be all poetry, or a love story or something mythological. I would really like my readers to stay tuned. Still better tell me what book they want from me!

So feel free to reach out to me at My Jiffies FB page, Twitter or Instagram. You can also visit

Thank you so much Priyanka for your time and here's wishing you all the very best for your future endeavours.

Read my review of My Jiffies here.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cover Reveal : Excess Baggage by Laura Barnard



How beautiful is this cover of Laura's latest romantic comedy, Excess Baggage?  It's out on the 23rd and you can pre-order now

Details of giveaway below.


Stuck in a dead-end relationship, Erica Bennett finds herself daydreaming of her first holiday romance. She was fifteen, it was exciting, new and full of possibilities…and Jack Lawson was hot as hell. That kind of thing leaves a mark.

So when her friends suggest a girls holiday to Luna Island, it’s exactly what she needs to take her mind off things. What she doesn’t expect is to spot Jack – a much older, hotter version of him – across the hotel lobby.

Their attraction is still there and it isn’t long before sparks fly, but fifteen years is a long time. They aren’t the same people they were back then and besides, it’s only a week, right?

Is it a second chance at something real or will their excess baggage ruin their shot at love after they leave Luna Island?


Head on over to Laura's facebook page to enter her cover reveal giveaway to be in with a chance of winning an ARC of EXCESS BAGGAGE and a £5/$5 Amazon gift card.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Book Review: My Jiffies

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Title: MyJiffies - Narration of Moments, Unadulterated and Unpackaged
Author: Priyanka Sharma Kaintura
Genre: Fiction, Memoirs
Pages: 252
Publisher: Notion Press

Rating: 4.2/5

My Jiffies is not your regular book or novel. It is a collection of random experiences and thoughts, and some 'bite-sized' narrations. The book is divided into sections like Orations, Eclogues, Stories, Monologues and Dialogues, each topic conveying a warm, touching message.

Just to give you an idea, the Eclogues section, for example, is a collection of short poems reflecting the emotions of love, sometimes despair. The Dialogue section are short anecdotes with dialogues, of course. The Stories section are little takes in different stages of life and other narratives out of which The Nine Shades of Durga is my favorite. Women of different caliber are explained in these stories in a short but distinct way. Basically, the entire book is based on human emotions, not too deep or sentimental but manages to keep you warm and fuzzy after reading it.

There are some lines that struck a chord with me. Like the one from The Fort. "The freedom of being lost is gone." , denotes how protected and safe we want to feel and are no longer ready to break our barriers. There's another one from When I Died. "I only wanted to know what these people remembered me as."  Kind of makes one want to be at their best and try to do good as much as one can, right? Another set of lines that I loved,

"Those were the days when we used to hide
In such a way that we were found
Those were the days when we did not play to win
Those were the days when we truly knew how to play"

Sigh! Yeah, it takes me back to what I was and what I have become now. And no matter who or what I blame it on, the fact remains that I have changed, not necessarily for the better. Perhaps, it happens to many of us, we forget to smile, stop and smell the roses. These small notations clearly reach in and tug at the strings of the heart. It makes me want to weep with the hurt, and sometimes, reach out to help.

Nevertheless, I believe that this little book of observations is definitely something that one needs to experience. A recommended read for sure.

Read the author's interview here.

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***

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