World's Best Boyfriend

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Title: World's Best Boyfriend
Author: Durjoy Dutta
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Pages: 296
Publisher: Penguin Metro Reads
ISBN-13: 9780143424635

Rating: 3.5/5

Durjoy Dutta has authored many books, all in the romance genre. This is the first time I read his book. The crux of the story is right there in the title. See the word "worst" scratched and "best" written instead? That pretty much sums up the entire story.

To quote from the book - "Hate is a four letter word and so is love. And, sometimes people can't tell the difference." Aranya and Dhruv begin as friends. He looks past her vitiligo condition and accepts her whereas she tries to fill in the gaping void of loneliness in his life. Moving on wards as lovers in school, an unexpected incident breaks them apart. The incident brings out the helplessness in them but turns out rather nasty and destroys their relationship. So much so, that they hate each other, unforgivably. It leaves Dhruv brash and brazen whereas Aranya strives to excel in her academics to subdue her physical imperfections. When they meet again in college, all they want to do is hurt and turn the other to dust. But their "hate" relationship takes a turn when Dhruv, unexpectedly, saves Aranya from being caught during examinations and also when Professor Raghuvir (the college casanova), comes into the picture with Aranya.

I hate giving out spoilers, especially for readers who are yet to read the book. Not that its a big mystery what happens in the end. So, all I'm going to say is that the story has a few of those heart melting and heart wrenching moments. The narrative is really smooth and engaging, for a sweet story line as this. The story contains romance, drama, hatred, tears. Everything a romantic story should have. The author has beautifully woven the story with expressions and some of them are quite interesting. Tugs at your heartstrings and makes you think about matters of the heart.

Overall, I liked the book. It is a light, romantic read. It is one of those books that do not overflow with tangling emotions. Recommended for everyone. The young can relate to the mixed feelings and romance whereas the old can let out a deep sigh and reminisce the romantic experiences from college days!


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