The Monogram Murders

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Title: The Monogram Murders
Author: Sophie Hannah
Genre: Fiction, Murder, Mystery
Pages: 372
Publisher: Harper Collins

Rating: 3/5

Out in 2014 apparently, I found this book now, two years later, while browsing through a book store. I had decided to buy just two books that day and, well, one of them had to be Poirot! It is a new Poirot tale by Sophie Hannah. So, here goes.

Hercule Poirot is enjoying his meal in a coffee house when a woman rushes in. She seems agitated and tells him that someone is out to kill her and that when it is done, justice would be served. Puzzled and curious, Hercule Poirot makes up his mind to help Jennie. The next day, Poirot learns of the monogram murders in a plush hotel in the city. He gets there with Inspector Catchpool to find three murders in three different rooms of the hotel. Each body is laid out perfectly with a monogrammed cuff link in each of the victim's mouth. As Poirot and Catchpool follow up with Jennie and the killer, a lot is revealed that suggests that it is not a normal case of murder.

Although it is not Christie herself, the author has managed to get through the story. But, of course, the quality story telling is missed terribly. I found it too slow at some places, especially where Catchpool was described. Poirot's dialogues, too, lacked the excitement which was definitely expected. All in all, a good read, but you probably would want to skip this if you are passionate about Poirot. It simply doesn't do him justice.

Last word - No one can paint Poirot the way Agatha Christie did. Period.


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