The Lost Symbol

Rating: 2/5

Title: The Lost Symbol
Author: Dan Brown
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Pages: 608
Publisher: Random House
ISBN-13: 9780552161237

The Lost Symbol is another thrilling chase for ancient secrets and unearthing startling facts on its way. Robert Langdon, the Harvard symbologist who helped solve mysteries in “Angels and Demons” and “Da Vinci Code”, stars yet again in this exciting expedition.

Robert Langdon is invited to give a lecture at the Capitol in Washington D.C by his mentor, Dr. Peter Solomon, who heads the Smithsonian Institute. Upon arriving at the Capitol, Robert realizes that the invitation was sent by Dr. Solomon’s kidnapper and that his mentor is in grave danger. What follows is the journey to not only find Peter Solomon but also uncover mysteries that, until this time, Robert thought to be a myth. The story revolves around the Freemasonary group and a hidden pyramid which apparently is a map that points to the exact location of an ancient source of power. Joining Robert in this search is Inoue Sato - the Head of Security of CIA, Warren Bellamy - the Architect of the Capitol and Dr. Katherine Solomon, Peter’s sister - a Noetic scientist who barley escapes from being killed by Peter’s kidnapper. They find the pyramid and Robert does what he does best - unlocks the inscribed code in the pyramid.

At the end of approximately 500 pages, the secret about the ancient source of power is revealed and it is a total let down. After running around Washington D.C from pillar to post, the least expected was a decent element of surprise to conclude. The author manages to keep the readers engaged throughout the story (which is interesting enough), but this definitely does not live up to the “Da Vinci Code” pattern where each time a secret is let out, it is more shocking and exciting.

Personally, I was disappointed by the book. As I mentioned earlier, the expedition is exciting but the climax fizzles out.


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