Only Time Will Tell - The Clifton Chronicles #1

Rating: 4/5

Title: Only Time Will Tell
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Genre: Fiction, Historical
Pages: 388
Publisher: Pan Macmillan India
ISBN-13: 9780330535670

This book reminds me why I can never get enough of Archer’s ingenuity. Archer, as is known, is an excellent storyteller and after this book all I have to say is, there can be no one like him.

‘Only Time Will Tell’ is the first volume of the “The Clifton Chronicles” series. Harry Clifton is a child who, despite his poor financial condition, manages to attend the best schools due to his extraordinary singing talent and his mother’s hard work. People around him help from time to time with either money or advice and teach him how to handle life’s ups and downs which shapes him for his future. Like Old Jack Tar, a loner, who is particularly fond of Harry. Maisie Clifton, Harry’s mother, is a doting and hard working mom who determinately works many jobs to afford her son’s education. He meets his best friends, Deakins and Giles in school. Harry and Giles’s sister Emma fall in love and that’s when he discovers that Giles’s father, the shipping baron Hugo Barrington, could possibly be his own father. As he finishes school, the Second World War picks up steam. Harry not only has to choose between going to Oxford and the war but also has to unearth the truth behind his real father. Towards the end, the story takes a dramatic turn which leaves the readers wishing there were more pages to turn!

All characters have different shades but beautifully woven together by Archer. Where Maisie Clifton goes beyond her capability for her son, there is Hugo Barrington who despite being aware of a possible blood relation with Harry is dogmatic and insensitive.

The moment I finished the book, I was already cribbing that I didn’t have the next volume in this series. Though I love Archer, what he did in this book is absolutely cruel to his readers! He has stopped the story at such a crucial point!

This book is highly recommended. Kudos to Archer for beginning a beautiful series! Eagerly awaiting the next one!


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