The All Bengali Crime Detectives

Rating: 3/5

Title: The All Bengali Crime Detectives
Author: Suparna Chatterjee
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Detective
Pages: 180
Publisher: Rupa & Company
ISBN-13: 9788129117823

I saw the cover of this book, read the summary and found it interesting enough to invest in it. I am truly happy that I did. This is the author’s first book and the story goes like this.

A theft takes place in a neighborhood in Calcutta. Four retired people, including an ex-high court judge, investigate the crime. How the crime is solved makes the rest of the story. But is also has loads of description about the neighborhood and the people of the city. Giving readers glimpses of the Bengali way of life, the book breezes through the story. The author being born and brought up in Calcutta succeeds in portraying an appealing and interesting picture about the spirit of the city. The crime takes place during “Durga Pujo” which gives the author the opportunity to explain the traditional way in which the festivities go about with a little bit of historical significance thrown in. A pretty and light story beautifully adorned by the backdrop of the exotic Calcutta city.

A good pick for a quick read. Frankly, I found the narrative and goings on of the city more interesting than the crime itself! But, not disappointing at all! This book was nostalgic too as it reminded me of ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’! Ah, fun times!

Definitely recommended.


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