Best Kept Secret - The Clifton Chronicles #3

Rating: 4/5

Title: Best Kept Secret
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 381
Publisher: Pan Macmillan India
ISBN-13: 9781447231172

A long awaited sequel to 'Sins of the Father', this book continues the Clifton saga. The vote of the Lord Chancellor enables Giles Barrington to inherit his father's fortune but Harry is glad nevertheless to have Emma back in his life. Emma, with the help of Derek Mitchell, begins her search for the little girl who allegedly was her father's illegitimate child and adopts her. Sebastian, Emma's and Harry's son, is more than happy to have a sister whom he affectionately looks out for. Meanwhile, Giles gets busy with the General Elections to save his seat in the House of Commons but he is in for a nasty surprise when he finds out that his old nemesis, Alex Fisher, is contesting against him.

Seb and his friend Bruno finish school and are awaiting a scholarship from Cambridge when Bruno's father, Don Pedro Martinez - a defrauder, offers Seb a one time job to get a Rodin statue from Argentina for a handsome pay. Martinez plans to smuggle his counterfeit money in the statue and young Seb falls for the carefully laid out plan and departs for Argentina. When the Cliftons and Giles become aware of the danger Seb is in, they work together with the British government to help Seb bring back the statue. Does Seb escape safely or does he become victim of Martinez's scam is for the readers to find out.

To have readers hooked on to a long and continuing story like this one takes an interesting spin of words and, as we all know, that is something Mr. Archer  does effortlessly and effectively. He writes his stories such that when his next book releases we will still have all the characters and the story line stored perfectly in our minds and will continue reading as if there wasn't a pause at all.

As for my opinion of this book, what can I say? A perfect continuation to an even perfect start. This is a series that any Archer fan must possess.


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