The Second Coming: A Love Story

Rating: 3.5/5


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Title: The Second Coming: A Love Story
Author: Scott Pinsker
Genre: Fiction, History, Religious
Pages: 238
Publisher: Scott Pinsker Publishing

Let me begin by saying that this is my very first 'requested' review.I received a free copy of this book from Scott Pinsker, the author, and was asked for my honest opinion. So here goes.

The story is about two people, Joe and Israel, both claiming to be Jesus Christ. They are here to save mankind from the apocalypse and are forming their own group of followers for the same. But in reality, one of them is Satan. Both Joe and Israel, convince people to believe in them by presenting their own divine perspectives which, by the way, are totally opposite. The book is about how each of them represent their school of thought, one very modern and liberal, while the other with conventional theories of Christianity. When put across, both seem to be preaching the right way and the reader is left to guess which one of the duo is Satan. The book concludes with a religious war raging across America and the followers desperately fighting to bring victory to their respective camps.

Loaded with interesting dialogues, the book cruises at a fast pace. The conversations are not only witty and humorous but also contemplative. The writing style is modern and so absorbing that I made a mental note to be reading such books more often. The story, well, there is no story as such. It is a narrative of how a present day situation unfolds. The conflicting theories about religion and how people perceive it, is what defines the framework of this book.

I particularly like some segments where there are mentions of what we base our faiths on and consequently divide certain actions as good or bad which vary from person to person. There are some 'grey' areas as well (that fall neither in the 'good' or 'bad') which we aren't comfortable accepting in ourselves and others and is therefore, conveniently left out. The author isn't biased to any one side himself but explains both the good and the bad, quite convincingly. 

It is not too long a story but enough to give food for thought. A truly thought provoking book, I should say. I totally loved this book because it left me with a spiritual reflection and also compelled me to dwell on the intricacies of religion and faith. This one is certainly worth a read if you like to ponder over the existence and importance of God and other spiritual theologies. It urges the reader to examine in depth about his/her views on many topics related to the inner self. 

All in all, a must read. I'm sure the sequel, to be released next year, would be just as enthralling as this one.


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