Author Interview : Mukul Kumar

Image Courtesy: Mukul Kumar

Q. Hello Mukul and congratulations on publishing your second book 'Don't Believe in God Till You Experience Him'. Please tell us what the book is about.

Mukul: Thank you Chitra. All of us in our own way make some choices around our belief systems. The search for supreme, spiritual quest and faith in supernatural have a lot to do with our life events, conditioning that we receive from the society and early influences. In the end, we also reach a stage when we have to decide on our own. We do not have a guide, a role model left. The book narrates the life of an ordinary person who also reaches that state where he needs to reflect on his life learning.

Q. The protagonist's name is Mukul in the book. Is the story based on your personal life experience?

Mukul: The story has inspirations from real life.

Q. How did you begin writing?

Mukul: Writing for me is a means of distressing and expressing my real self. I realized that I was feeling bottled up and uneasy in my life due to the information I was holding. I found lots of solace in writing and it was a process of self healing for me.

Q. Which authors would you recommend to your readers?

Mukul: I like Richard Bach, Yogananda, and a lot of self help and psychology books around emotional intelligence, transactional analysis and mind functioning. I believe all of us have our own likes and preferences and we should read more of what makes us happy.

Q. Have you started on your next book yet? If so, when can we expect it?

Mukul: Not yet. I will request my readers to send me a lots of feedback on how they perceived my work. I want to recollect and reflect on all the feedback to come up with the theme of my next book.

Thank you Mukul for your time and wish you all the very best for the future!

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