Be Careful What You Wish For - The Clifton Chronicles #4

Rating: 3/5

Title: Be Careful What You Wish For
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Genre: Fiction, Drama
Pages: 400
Publisher: Pan Macmillan India
ISBN-13: 9781447265092

Although a little delayed, this review was deemed to be put up as this book is the fourth installment in the Clifton Chronicle series. Lets get to the review.

The previous book had left us all in the dark when Sebastian and Bruno get involved in an accident and one of 
them dies. The story takes off from here as Major Alex Fisher, a pawn of the Argentinean smuggler, Don Pedro, is conveniently placed among the Board of Directors of the Barrington Shipping Company. Although Emma Clifton doesn't concur, the Board decides to go ahead with the investment in the luxury passenger liner, MV Buckingham. With the future of the company at stake, the construction of the ship commences in Belfast. Meanwhile Jessica, Emma's and Harry's adopted daughter, wins a scholarship and joins the Slade Academy of Arts where she falls in love with a Clive Bingham. But on her wedding day something terrible happens, which I will not be revealing here. The story continues hereafter with twists and turns covered in revenge and conspiracy. The story ends with another cliffhanger. Emma Clifton or Alex Fisher, which one of the two will be the next Chairman of the Board?

Well, this book was not as interesting as its predecessors, to be frank. The plot seemed insipid and too confusing with so many things happening simultaneously, lacking engrossing details. To think that the readers have waited  a whole year for such an installment, lets you down. It is well written but the plot is up in tangles leaving the confused reader to sort it out. I lost interest mid way trying to keep track of the story. The most disappointing out of all the books till date in this series, I must say.

I also read somewhere that there are now going to be seven books in this series as to what was previously, five. I figure it is going to be one long story, and I'm not exactly sure how to remember the characters and events throughout the waiting period. I don't know how exciting that sounds to you readers but all I can hope for is that it is worth the wait. Mr. Archer, we sincerely hope that you don't want us to take the title of this book in the literate sense! Hoping for a better sequel. Fingers crossed!


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