The Silent Scream

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This is my first review of a non-fiction book. The author, Siddartha Garg, approached me very kindly for a review and when I was informed that the book dealt with the rising incidents of sexual assaults in children, I decided to read and review it. So here goes.

The book begins with Harshita's story and how she was brutally molested and scarred for life. There are several other stories of children of various ages across different cities in India to show the many ways children are subject to this atrocity. The book also contains an interview of a psychiatrist and child counselor who describes why and how these crimes take place. A detailed account of the types of sexual abuses and the kind of perpetrators that are involved are mentioned. Apart from recognizing the signs of danger, the book also describes how and where these perpetrators originate from, whom you should be careful of, the reason behind such crimes, the repercussions of the same on children and lastly, but most importantly, what we, as parents, as teachers should teach our kids regarding this kind of abuse. Also included are the names and other details of various organisations working towards helping children overcome the trauma related to sexual abuse. Many tips for parents and children, especially teenagers, are provided to inform them on how to be alert and safe.

The author also suggests that parents start talking about sex education at the earliest. That way, our children will be aware when such wrong acts happen with or around them.

It is certainly disturbing when we read about such incidents in newspapers but sometimes we try to avoid taking our children into confidence and talking to them about this. Although it is difficult, the truth is that only parents possess the magic of creating a secure surrounding, making children aware and guiding them to lead a safe life. If any child had gone through this kind of abuse, the parents have the power to bring them out of this trauma through their unconditional love and care and also by bringing the criminals to light. To keep quiet and hide for the fear of shame in society is something parents should never do, the author stresses on this point.

As a parent, I was shocked when I read some of the stories, they seemed almost unbelievable. But the book acts as a guide for parents and kids alike so I would be keeping this one with me until my kids get a little older. Hats off to the author and all those who helped him create awareness about sexual abuse in children. We parents could certainly use more books like these.

A big thumbs up from me! Definitely recommended.


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