Scion Of Ikshvaku - Ram Chandra Series #1

Title: Scion Of Ikshvaku
Author: Amish Tripathi
Genre: History, Indian Mythology
Pages: 376
Publisher: Westland Limited
ISBN-13: 9789385152146

Rating: 3.2/5

It is no surprise that this was a long awaited book. After taking the book world by storm, Amish presents his first book in his next series. Scion of Ikshvakuis the first book in the Ram Chandra series. I pre ordered the book from and got an author signed copy with a metal bookmark. 

It is Ramayana in Amish's words. That said, readers who are familiar with his work would eagerly be expecting some new information or a new outlook to an old but important epic. Yes, it does have a few instances which  is not a part of our regular Ramayana, but overall it is the same story that we know. The story begins with the rule of King Dashrath and the battle of Karachapa. From here, Amish takes us through Ram's birth, his education at the gurukul along with his brothers, his marriage to Sita and his exile. The book ends with Raavan kidnapping Sita and flying away in his pushpak vimaan.

First impression. Not that exciting a book. I mean, at times it felt as though Amish was in a hurry to finish the story. There isn't much detailing this time as compared to his first book The Immortals of Meluhawhere the extensive specifications about Shiva's relationship with Sati was absolutely great. It stayed on with the readers till his next books came out. But this time, Sita was hurriedly married off to Ram and suddenly she was as understanding and loving as a wife could be, minus the romance, of course! Also, the part where Ram leaves for his exile isn't described as is expected of Amish, at least in my opinion.

Looks like this book is not an attention grabber like the Shiva Trilogy wasprobably because it is a story known to us all. You see, now that Amish has a reputation to live up to, expectations are obviously high. Nevertheless, the story telling is anything but dull. Although, almost half of the story is done with in the first installment, I'm guessing the author has other details he wants to shed light on in his forthcoming books. Hopefully something that takes us by surprise. The pace of the story and narration were both smooth as butter and one can finish the book in one day simply because it isn't boring. Character description is good but the elaboration is missing this time.

I cannot forget the adrenaline rush after I finished The Immortals of Meluha. I just had to get the next book. Scion of Ikshvaku may not be as absorbing but having faith in the author, I continue to wait for his next book. Fingers crossed!


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