The Bestseller She Wrote

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Title: The Bestseller She Wrote
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Genre: Romance, Indian, Fiction
Pages: 392
Publisher: Westland
ISBN-13: 9789385152382

Rating: 4/5

I saw this book at Crossword last month and wanted to get my hands on it right then. But I had four unread books on my shelf already and I decided to take care of those first before indulging myself again. When I was selected for reviewing the very same book by Blogadda, I knew the book was destined to be mine. Thanks to Blogadda for sending me an author signed copy; it adds that special touch to the book.

The title of the book had me curious for two reasons. Firstly, because it sounds similar to Murder, She Wrote which I enjoyed immensely back in the day. Secondly, I always dream of penning a bestseller myself, wishing it saw the light of day. Hence, the title was catchy enough to hook the curious reader in me and I dived straight in, within minutes of its arrival.

The story opens with Aditya, a bestselling author and banker, returning to his alma mater IIM-B to deliver a speech. He encounters an embarrassing situation with Shreya, a student and a wannabe author, who doesn’t seem to agree to his marketing style for his books. Thus begins their illicit but passionate relationship. Aditya loves his wife, Maya, and their son, Aryan, but finds the fling with Shreya too exciting to let go. Aditya convinces his college friend and colleague, Sanjay, to hire Shreya into his team so that they can be together. Meanwhile, after persistent requests from Shreya, Aditya helps her with the manuscript of her debut novel and also promises to do whatever he can to launch her. All is well until Maya is aware of the situation and that is when all hell breaks loose. With his marriage on the rocks and Maya fatally ill, Aditya is sucked into a whirlwind of troubles that threaten not only his career as a banker but also as an author. Whether Maya survives and forgives Aditya or whether Aditya chooses Shreya over Maya, is for the readers to find out. Let me just add here that there is a surprising twist right at the end of the story!

I never reveal much of the story in my reviews as I believe that it kills the curiosity for the readers. But trust me, for this book, it is necessary. Unlike some books, The Bestseller She Wrote is realistic without being too emotional or dramatic. The story line is modern, the narration smooth and the writing so convincing that readers fall in love with the characters. Aditya, the protagonist, is one such example. One totally empathises with him during the story. And the way he redeems himself towards the end is smart and heart touching at the same time. As said earlier, the end has a stunning revelation in a situation that reminds me of Hercule Poirot stories. You’ll know what I mean once you’ve read the book.

Well, what else can I say? The proof to how good the book was probably lies in the fact that I finished it in seven hours flat. And that’s not something that I do every time. I am absolutely floored! In my honest opinion, I think it is the style of writing rather than the story itself that makes this book so great.  Mr. Ravi Subramanian has smashed the bestseller list with this one, I believe! It is a bestseller alright, that he wrote!

To sum it all up, The Bestseller She Wrote is exciting, unputdownable and a must have in everyone’s book shelf. Grab a copy if you haven’t already while I get back to reading it for the second time!

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