You Will Love Again: A Guide to Healing from Heartbreak

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Title: You Will Love Again: A Guide to Healing from Heartbreak
Author: Dr Shyam Bhat
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self help

Rating: 4/5

You Will Love Again is a self help book for those who, unfortunately, are dealing with heartbreak. The author is Dr Shyam Bhat, a psychiatrist, who has experienced heartbreaks in the past himself. 

First things first. I love the title. It radiates so much optimism that any curious mind wouldn't hesitate to pick it up. The book begins with how people feel soon after their breakup or divorce. The author takes us through various situations (with examples) of how a human mind and body behaves or reacts to such depressing feelings. The hurt that follows can be crippling for some, even to the extent of going into depression, which is sadly so common these days. The book explains how to tackle issues related to breakups, like anger, forgiveness etc. It teaches how important it is to reach out to one's true self and realize one's self worth. There are various exercises provided in the book for the diagnosis and solutions for the above mentioned characteristics. It also talks about different steps of healing and to accept oneself as is, in order to let go. 

It is a short book, can be finished in one sitting. I found it to be useful not only for people suffering from heartbreak, but also others. Some affirmations and pointers could well apply to anyone. Here's a small example:

"... no matter how bad you currently feel, deep within you is the abiding knowledge that you are a good person, a complete person, one deserving of happiness and love. All you need to do is quiet your mind and notice."

Doesn't this apply to anyone with petty, routine issues? We all have self doubts from time to time. These affirmations give us the right kind of boost that we all need to overcome pessimistic thoughts about ourselves.

I would recommend this book to anyone who thinks that their world has come to an end following a breakup. I would also recommend that you refer it to someone who, you think, can benefit from these directions. Thank you!

*** This book was sent to me by Juggernaut in exchange for an honest review. ***


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