The Cosmic Clues

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Title: The Cosmic Clues
Author: Manjiri Prabhu
Genre: Fiction, Crime, Mystery
Pages: 324
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
ISBN-13: 978-8184954791

Rating: 3.8/5

The Cosmic Clues is the first book of an astro detective series. The author, Manjiri Prabhu, has tried her hands at a new approach to solving crimes and I quite like that. I was curious and excited to find out what it was all about. So, here's the summary.

Sonia Samarth opens an investigation venture named Stellar Investigations in Pune. But what sets her apart from other detectives is that she uses her astrological skills to help solve cases. She and her assistant, Jatin, are successful and soon gather attention. When the popular (and good looking) TV anchor, Mohnish, befriends Sonia, they develop more than just a friendship bond. Mohnish and Sonia together discuss about catching the ever so sly criminal, known to the world only as The Owl. In the mean time, Sonia keeps receiving flowers from a mysterious admirer and is stunned when his identity is revealed right at the end of the book.

Well. To be frank, I didn't think I would enjoy this book because I myself am not inclined towards astrology. But I took a chance and I'm so glad it paid off. The book is a collection of short mysteries tied together and readers join Sonia in her journey from an amateur to a famous detective later on. The narrative is smooth. The city of Pune, the hometown of the author, is beautifully described in all its splendor and different festivities equally given attention to. Being a Puneite myself, I enjoyed following the cases all around the city.

There are a couple of cases that were too obvious, but otherwise the author manages to maintain the attention of the reader. I did notice a few spelling mistakes in the book, I thought it odd, but maybe it was just my copy. The Cosmic Clues is an interesting read, mainly due to the usage of Hindu astrology. I'm ordering the next book in the series, hence I safely recommend this to every die hard mystery fan out there. And if you are a Puneite, then you must read this one!


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