Book Review: Smugglers & Scones (Moorehaven Mysteries #1)

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Title: Smugglers &Scones (Moorehaven Mysteries #1)
Author: Morgan C. Talbot
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Murder
Pages: 222
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing

Rating: 4/5

My first impression of the book was that this is going to be an interesting read. Why? One look at the cover and I instantly fell in love! Doesn't it look cute and pleasantly old school? The powder blue and the picture of scones and coffee, made me want to reach for the book that very moment. I was waiting to finish the previous book so that I could finally tuck my hands into this one. Settle down with a mug of coziness and you're all set on this mystery!

The story is about Pippa and the curious happenings in the little seaside town of Seacrest in Oregon. Pippa runs a B&B named Moorehaven, the residence of the late mystery writer Raymond Moorehaven. The place is a regular with mystery authors who come here to find ideas and inspirations for their books. The story begins with a boat accident, out of which Pippa successfully rescues Lake, a handsome young man. Pippa offers him a stay at the inn as Lake needs medical attention and is unable to recollect the events leading to the accident. Cecil, Lake's boss and the owner of a boat tour company, is found dead soon after and all suspicions turn towards Lake but he maintains that he cannot remember anything from the accident. While Pippa and Lake find a thing going on among themselves, another death occurs and Pippa and her author residents form a team to help track down the killer. From a break-in at Moorehaven to looking for an old treasure down a long lost tunnel, the story keeps the readers on a gripping hook, all the way till the end.

I simply loved the book but to the technicalities now, just for the heck of it. The narration is in first person, from Pippa's point of view. The story flows smoothly, with delightful specks of humor and suspense now and then. The main character of Pippa is a bubbly, loves-her-work kind. But the rest of the characters are given enough background too, to make it a complete and comfortable read.

The book dimly reminds me of the Five Go To Smuggler's Top series of the Famous Five. No, it is not childish in any way, it is just that I felt the same kind of adrenaline and excitement with this book. It is a cozy and delightful read, perfect for a weekend or travel. 

I have to mention the role of scones in the book, or my review would be incomplete. The appearance of scones and other delicacies that were being whipped up effortlessly, made me wish I was in Moorehaven myself. The scones feature in the background but are essential to fuel the curious minds that are at work in the story. I finished the book and thought it had a perfect ending, complete with recipes for two of the featured scones! And here I was googling recipes for them! I am stunned and surprised at the intuition of the author who kindly thought about us readers and provided an amazing flavour to the story (forgive my pun!), apart from the compelling climax.

Smugglers & Scones is a fun, interesting and absorbing read, a definite yes for mystery lovers.

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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