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I would really appreciate if you could leave a comment or two about your experience with Book Vue. The good stuff, the not-so-good stuff and any improvisations - all are welcome!

Please be sure to mention your name, website and the book that Book Vue has helped you with.

Thank you for your time!


  1. Chitra at the bookvue did a grand job of reading and reviewing my book 'The Old Man and the Princess' She was very quick, kind and courteous without giving too much of the story and twists away in her review. Her communication is first class. And if giving a positive review she is very happy and willing to post her review on other sites, not just her blog, which is a massive help to all self published authors, since some book blogs are only willing to post on their own blogs and nowhere else.
    Her blog is very good too. Very helpful and informative, with an easy on the eye layout to navigate your way through, and I love the way Chitra posts the buying links for all her reviewed books, which is a really nice gesture. I well definitely be in touch when seeking out book reviewers for my next book. It was a first class experience. Thank you

    Sean-Paul Thomas, author of 'The Old Man and The Princess'


  2. Not all book blogs are created equal. So if you're a reader looking for that next great book, be sure to check out Bookvue. Chitra Iyer is bound to have a recommendation to fit your taste.
    If you're an author seeking an insightful, thoughtfully written, and honest review of your work, or just a simple book spotlight, I can confidently recommend querying Chitra. She is accessible, forthright, and holds herself to the highest standards to insure a positive experience for both her readers, and the authors whose books she features. A+

    -Michael A. McLellan, author of In the Shadow of the Hanging Tree and American Flowers.

  3. Chitra kindly reviewed my novel Legacy (http://bookvue.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/book-review-legacy-andalucian-nights-3.html), and I was impressed by the detail and heart in her review. I'm very grateful to her for taking the time to review the book and share her honest thoughts.

  4. Chitra had been one of the first to accept to review my book http://bookvue.blogspot.be/2017/03/book-review-dont-believe-in-god-till.html. She was also very kind to interview me.For a little known author like me, it is a great honor and moral boosting experience. A very honest and fair review of the book and a thoughtful interview. I have been very pleased with the efforts f Chitra. I would highly recommend Chitra for her efforts, sincerity and popularity.

    Kind regards

  5. Chitra Iyer's Book Vue is professional, responds in a timely manner, and provides excellent detail along with a natural emotional reaction to the stories presented in her reviews. Her reviews are honesty condensed.

    Ms. Iyer is a team player; she accepted my book for review when it was just one in a sea of stories. After her review was posted, my book made its way onto the USA Today Bestseller List, and her review contributed to that. She didn't have to accept my book. She didn't have to like it. But in some small way, her generosity in these regards, her dedication to her craft, has helped to lift my book to a whole different level of recognition. Reviewers that are kind, genuine, dedicated, and skilled are a gift to authors trying to reach readers. Chitra Iyer was a gift to me, and I will always be grateful that she took a chance on my book.

    Morgan C. Talbot
    USA Today Bestselling Author of Smugglers & Scones (Moorehaven #1)

  6. As an independent author, who is trying to share stories with the world, it becomes necessary to seek the help of many voices who can aid the cause. Chitra is one such voice which is enthusiastic, honest and prompt while reviewing a book. Independent authors such as I can only wish there were more reviewers like her. Thanks for the support, Chitra! :)

  7. It was such a pleasure to work with Chitra. She's friendly, punctual and 100 % professional. So... a five star book blog!

  8. I don't know how I lucked out in getting Chitra Iyer to review my book, since Defending Rebecca is not listed as one of the genres she's interested in reviewing, but the stars aligned and she accepted my request! As a Mom of two myself, I can appreciate the precious hours she had to spend to not only read my novella, but to also post the review on her blog, and on a bunch of Amazon sites to boot! I can't speak to her honesty because she gave my book rave reviews (*happy dance*) so it could be that she was just being kind, but I hope not! Her sincerity and openness scream trustworthiness, and I can't wait to finish my next book so she can review that too!!!

  9. Chitra is an excellent reviewer. She responded to my request quickly. And her review indicated she truly had read Forbidden because she fully understood the characters and plot. I highly recommend Chitra if you're looking for an honest and professional review.


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