Gently Falls the Bakula

Rating: 3.5/5

Title: Gently Falls The Bakula
Author: Sudha Murthy
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Pages: 169
Publisher: Penguin Books India
ISBN: 9780143103776

Mrs. Murthy continues to influence as far as her stories are concerned. After reading 'Dollar Bahu' and 'Mahashweta', I just had to get my hands on this one. It is almost like drug!

Shrimati and Shrikant are neighbours who have known each other since childhood but because of some family enemity, they are hardly on talking terms. They are the top students of their school and when Shrikant confesses his love for Shrimati, she is ecstatic and marries him leaving her dreams and ambitions behind. Shrimati was always interested in history but leaves it all to become the dutiful and caring wife. But as Shrikant climbs the corporate ladder, he hardly finds time for his wife and Shrimati helplessly realizes that her life is slowly getting empty without her love for Shrikant and her love for history.

The story is similar to 'Mahashweta' but has a different outlook. Overall, a nice and short read but a bit boring. Maybe because of late I have been reading books where women leave everything for the sake of their marriage and when husbands leave them, they are left stranded and hopelessly looking for support. It provides food for thought for us women and though our family life takes precedence, we shouldn't completely let go of our interests/earning ability that liberates us financially and emotionally. 


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