The Sins of the Father - The Clifton Chronicles #2

Rating: 4/5

Title: The Sins Of The Father
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 384
Publisher: Pan Macmillan India
ISBN-13: 9781447209225

I cannot believe I forgot to write the review of this amazing sequel to the Clifton Chronicles! Having realized that, I will quickly get down to it.

The story continues from where Mr. Archer left it dangling ( that is so unfair to us readers!) in 'Only Time Will Tell'. Harry Clifton assumes the identity of Tom Bradshaw but soon realizes his mistake when he is arrested for murder. Sefton Jelks, an acclaimed lawyer of New York, tricks him and Harry is tried and sent to jail. Inspite of being his only way out of this mess, Harry wouldn't reveal his true identity to defend Emma.

On the other hand, Emma gives birth to Harry's son. When she visits Maisie, Harry's mother, she notices an unopened letter with Harry's handwriting on it. She travels to New York assuming that Harry is still alive.Giles Barrington, Emma's brother, is sent for battle and in the meanwhile, Hugo Barrington, her father, lives a life of secrecy after he runs away from his daughter's wedding.

'The Sins of the Father' is as exciting and eventful as the first one in the series. One just reels under the events in the story and it is sad when it finishes. The long wait for the next book is unbearable but it is all worth it, I'm sure. So, here's to another great book by a great author who never ceases to amaze us!


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