Book Review: The Echoes of Love

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Title: The Echoes of Love
Author: Hannah Fielding
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Publisher: London Wall Publishing
Pages: 416

Rating: 4/5

The serene landscape of Italy, the calm waters of Venice, the soft glow of moonlight and the passion of a lover's embrace. The Echoes of Love is all this and much more. This is my second time reading a book by Hannah Fielding and once again, she has won me over!

Venetia Aston-Montagu is an architect, working in her godmother's firm in Venice. She meets Paolo who comes to her rescue one night and is instantly attracted to him but keeps her emotions in check as she is still healing from her lost love. Paolo, on the other hand, displays his feelings for her but Venetia is confused by the sad blue eyes of his. What secrets do they hold? They find themselves coming closer but then Venetia finds that Paolo has a beautiful, young girl living with him in Tuscany. With no other option but to travel to Tuscany for Paolo's project, her heart and head play a tug-of-war. While Paolo professes his love for her, Venetia is still deciding whether to give in to her feelings or to resist. He is a rich and popular womanizer of Italy, after all. Contrary to her belief, will Venetia accept fate as a moderator when she can't seem to ignore her growing love for Paolo?

There are books that outline a destination and then there are those that simply transport you. Hannah Fielding does an absolutely fantastic job of taking you to Venice, showing you around so that her readers can experience the sights, smells and senses of all that is Italian! Imagine a romantic place like Italy and the settings of a passionate tale of two people who can't seem to ignore each other. A dream romance, isn't it?

The narrative and the writing style aptly manages to keep the reader hooked till the twist at the end (yes, there is one!). It moves at a good pace. The story is sophisticated and touching. I fell in love with Venetia and Paolo, their doubts, their fears, their vulnerabilities. Overall, it was a great read with a fantastic background.

I have really come to appreciate books by Hannah Fielding. I had previously reviewed Legacy, her book from the Andalucian Nights series, and loved it as much! Check out my review for Legacy here.

As for this book, I definitely recommend it. It is a beautiful, heart rendering story that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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