Book Review: The Thousand Tiny Miracles of Living Twice (Angel Aid Book 1)

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Title: The Thousand Tiny Miracles of Living Twice ( Angel Aid Book 1)
Author: Katarina West
Genre: Fiction, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 550

Rating: 4/5

The synopsis of the book is enough to get a reader going. The author, Katarina West, has left no stone unturned to give us a heart touching and a surreal (quite literally!) experience. I can't wait to talk about this book, so let's get started, shall we?

Irene Nylander is a Finnish woman who lives with a husband who ignores her and a mother-in-law who despises her. Always wanting to help people, Irene leaves her job to take care of her mother-in-law and joins the rut of a domesticated life. She is fifty, over weight and is crazy about movies and no matter how much she tries, she never is able to stick to her diet. On the other hand, Mimi Kavanough, a Hollywood celebrity is chilling on a yacht in Florence,Italy. She has it all. A beautiful face and body, fan following, money and, as if that wasn't enough, she is also the next Bond girl. But little does Mimi know that her life is about to do a nasty u-turn. Both Mimi and Irene are watched by Aaron, the mischievous angel, up in the heavens above and he decides to play a prank, that later, would cost him dearly. He switches the women's bodies. When Mimi wakes up with Irene's body, she is furious. Of course, the same cannot be said about Irene who cannot believe her eyes when she looks in the mirror and finds Mimi staring back at her! The book is about the journey of these two women in each others bodies and each other's situations. It is about how they discover their short comings which changes their lives completely. The book is also about Aaron, whose impishness has caused utter disarray up above.

Whoa! What a great story! I simply loved the fact that you wake up one day to find yourself in a completely different body and situation. It is exciting enough. But the author has gone one step further and shown us how we can actually enjoy what we have and begin living, really living. We take so many things for granted each day but without kindness or love, it is all meaningless. The book is a beautiful weave of the stories of the two characters and also of Aaron's. The angel was portrayed just as a human and hence it was relatively simple to relate to. There is a place in the story when Aaron travels through all of the different heavens. Such delightful heaven names! Simplicity in the story, simplicity in the narration. I think this is what makes this book such a fantastic read!

The narrative is smooth and engaging. Nowhere does the story encounter any slack. There is depth in the description of characters, especially with that of Irene and Mimi. Absolutely commendable! The author has tried to put forward a thought - that we always have angels around us, to help and support us. And she does that with total conviction through this book, I must say! I mean, who wouldn't want to have an angel for themselves, right? The thought of having a guardian looking out for you is in itself, quite liberating I believe.

In short, the book gives us enough food for thought and encourages us to enjoy what we love doing. Everyone has priorities but we must never forget to do what we love, and truly live.  The Thousand Tiny Miracles of Living Twice is a warm, beautiful story that should not be missed. It is unlike any book that I have read so far.

Need I say more? Definitely recommended!

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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