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Peoples' expectations can make you or break you. Aurora Stone knows what it's like to be raised under heavy expectations. From an early age, her parents' laid the law down and she'd never strayed off the path that they had laid before her. She kept every rule they ever gave her and for every rule she broke, she felt immense guilt whilst her little sister made it her life's mission to break the rules.

When Landon offers to help her break the rules, he doesn't expect her to break his rules too.

Aurora Stone knows what it means to keep the rules. She’s lived with the expectations of the people around her. The only person whose expectations aren’t met? Hers. On the spur of the moment, Aurora decides to break the rules. Only the list seems endless and Aurora is a little overwhelmed by it. When she sees Landon sat at the bar watching her, she makes a split second decision that might just change her life, one broken rule at a time. The list of broken rules quickly exceeds the number of rules they keep as they embark on this whirl wind adventure of control and chaos.

(First book in a three book series)
Broken Rules
Enforced Rules
Revised Rules


Hanleigh is a British author. She was born in Scotland but has lived near enough her whole life in the South of England. Hanleigh loves reading books more than nearly anything in the world; whether it’s reading them or writing them, Hanleigh just can’t get enough. She relishes in the way authors can create whole worlds with the words they put in their books. She wishes that being an author really was magic, just like in Once upon A Time. Hanleigh absolutely adores Romantic fiction. She first fell in love with literature as a small child reading Dr Zeus. She then fell in love with romance as a genre when she first read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. She checks every five-pound note for Austen’s face but has yet to find her £50,000 five-pound note. Shame. Hanleigh is about as English as it’s possible to be, which is highly ironic as she isn’t English at all. She sometimes wishes she could live inside the world that she can create inside her mind, but since that isn’t possible she puts pen to paper and shares that world with this world instead. 

When you read a book, your imagination introduces you to a new world. A world that may well be completely different to the one you live in. when you read a book the words of the author bring that world to life. How many times have you read a book or watched a film and found yourself dreaming about it? Your imagination making it a reality. The world the words create is captivating. It catches your attention and works hard to keep it. There is one thing more tantalizing than entering someone else’s imaginings; creating your own. There is something addictive about being able to mold your words into something that causes the reader to fall into your mind. When you put pen to paper and create a world, it’s exhilarating. Every word has meaning. You know every character intimately. You know every secret, every whisper, every smell, every look, as the author you know the world you created and more so than even the most avid of readers you can get lost in your creation. I guess you could just say, I’m a bit of a dreamer. 

 I first started writing as a kid. I was addicted to reading but could never put a story down even when it was finished, so I’d just add a bit more on to the end. I was the geek that sat and wrote FanFiction. Now you know just how cool I really am. Then when I went into the wider world and grew up I stopped for a while, until one day I thought heck what if I wrote all these ideas down and somewhere amongst all those ideas I realised there was a whole world of characters just waiting to have their stories told. So here I am, Author In Progress. 

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Enforced Rules 
Repeating History
Deleting History 
Forging History
Damaged Intimacy

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