Book Review: On The Side of the Angel - A Bartering Angel Story by J David Core

Title: On The Side of the Angel: A Bartering Angel Story
Author: J. David Core

Genre: Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Rating: 4/5

On the Side of the Angel by J. David Core is an intense crime fiction that has all the right ingredients for a thriller in this genre. To be precise, it is an exciting and absorbing read.

Lina Forman is a ghost who has left her old life and anything that can point to her previous existence, behind. She starts all over as Lina and has a vendetta planned. But to get there she needs to prove her worth. Attie and Dino are two troubled teenagers in love and take on heists for thrill. But things go terribly wrong during one such break-in. Andre has been buying lottery tickets since years, hoping to hit it big one day with the help of his algorithm. These, together with some other characters, are tied in this story of crime and deceit that is sure to enthrall the readers with its witty story line.

On the Side of the Angel has a very to-the-point narrative that is fast paced, which I love. The story line is excellent, a heady mix of thrilling moments. The writing style is impressive that manages to hold the reader's attention well, so that basically seals the deal. There aren't a train of characters here but the ones there, are descriptive enough for the reader to reminisce about long after the book is finished. My favorite character has to be the protagonist, Lina/Angel. She is this strong fearless character, very skillful at the art of deception.

All in all, a good read with fascinating turn of events. Well written and interesting from a crime lover's point of view. 

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*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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