Book Review: Death Unmasked

Title: Death Unmasked
Author: Rick Sulik
Genre: Fiction, Crime, Murder
Pages: 265
Publisher: Christopher Matthews Publishing

Rating: 3.8/5

Death Unmasked by Rick Sulik is a story about reincarnation and revenge and personally, I love this combination! Add some murders and a few chases and you have my attention, alright!

Sean Jamison is a Homicide detective in Houston and is about to get retired when there is an urgent serial killing case that requires his expertise. While on the case, Sean realizes that he was Emil in his previous birth and both his wife and he were killed in the most brutal way as a result of being war prisoners. As he is desperate to find his beloved in this reincarnation, there are women being murdered in Houston and a lock of hair seem to be missing from each of them. The murderer has a final strike to make before he leaves town but will Sean and his team be able to stop him? Will Sean finally be reunited with his one true love?

This book really puzzled me. Why? Because I can't decide if I just like it or love it! Yes, there are problems with the story but then, there are those aspects too that I absolutely love! So I am going try my best to break it down for you to provide a better perspective.

The book starts off really well. It has a good pace and enough action/suspense to grab the readers attention. But there are instances which felt too rushed. For example, there is the little event where another officer, too, goes into a trance to 'see the murder through the killer's eyes.' Quite unconvincing, if you ask me. Also, you'd think the book is finished when the story is finished but, oh no! There is so much more attention given to what happens after, which doesn't add to the story at all. And again, everything is rushed. The writing style does get affected by the sudden pace of the story, resulting in a confused reader.

What I loved about the story - well, crime, revenge, reincarnation, all my favorite words. There is loads of action, a meticulous serial killer and the chase that leads them to him. It's all exciting! Apart from a few sudden incidents, I actually found it to be a really absorbing story.

Overall, a good read if you like crimes with a twist.

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*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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