Book Review: The Haunting of Barry's Lodge

Title: The Haunting of Barry's Lodge
Author: Annie Walters
Genre: Fiction, Horror, Thriller
Pages: 218
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Rating: 3.5/5

The Haunting of Barry's Lodge by Annie Walters is a quick, engaging horror/thriller with settings that are very typical and anticipated. A quintessential ghost story to curl up with would rather describe it perfectly.

Alfred is an aspiring author who has been trying to write a book since years. But due to his familial responsibilities, he ends up doing odd jobs without making any real progress with his book. When his father in law suggests that Alfred spend a week at the isolated motel, Barry's Lodge, he jumps at the opportunity. A week without disturbances should be enough to come up with a draft. But little does Alfred know that Barry's Lodge has a disturbing past and he realizes it soon as it doesn't allow him a moment's peace. Amidst zero connectivity, strange noises and even stranger sightings, Alfred's agitation is so strong that he just wants to leave the place. But will he succeeded? 

The story is a typical horror tale. With ghosts, strange noises and horrifying sights, it is a complete book in the said genre. The writing style is something that I wasn't comfortable with. In my opinion, it could have been more polished. The narration is in the third person. The story line was predictable after a point but, nevertheless, it is an absorbing read. It is quick, which gives no room for unnecessary details, which I love. The description of the lodge and its surrounding is done well, in fact, a perfect read for a rainy weekend, I would say.

I wouldn't describe The Haunting of Barry's Lodge as a fantastic read because it isn't a unique story. But it did manage to keep me engaged throughout. A decent read for thriller/horror lovers.

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 *** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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