Book Review: The Miseries of Mr. Sparrows

Title: The Miseries of Mr. Sparrows
Author: Matthew A.J. Timmins
Genre: Fiction, Historical, Mystery
Pages: 332
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 

Rating: 3.8/5

The Miseries of Mr. Sparrows by Matthew Timmins is a Victorian style, humorous tale of Mr. Robin Sparrows. Fans of old English style writing and that of Dickens would really enjoy this book.

Mr. Robin Sparrows is a law clerk in old Victorian London and is haplessly going about his quiet life when he is handed an assignment to deliver a package to the notorious, Kermit J. Tarnish. As if his miseries weren't enough, Mr. Sparrows now embarks on journey filled with murder, lots of craziness and empathizing events but can our simple law clerk manage to deliver the parcel? Or will his new found misfortune overpower him?

The book is a good read, especially for someone who loves Dickens's style of character description. The story line is good, but a little abrupt at times. The narrative was smooth, mirroring the writing style perfectly. I really loved the protagonist, Mr. Sparrows. The story has lots of humorous moments and I earnestly empathized with the poor Mr. Sparrows each time. 

Apart from the jerky(at times) narrative, I didn't find anything wrong with the book. It is a fun read and will take you back to the Victorian age. It was a pleasant change to be reading something so different and crisp after long. 

Definitely recommended for lovers of classic style writing.

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 *** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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