Book Review: Condemned - The Richmore Series

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Title: Condemned : The Richmore Series
Author: Hayley Oakes
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 519

Rating: 4/5

Condemend by Hayley Oakes is the first book in the Richmore series. It is a contemporary romance that includes love, heart break, suffering, yearning, basically all the essential elements required to weave a good romance. The book is the latest release among the many other romances by the author.

William Devereux and Jessa Jones are next door neighbours since childhood but were not exactly friends. Will was known for being brash and Jessa would never want to go near him. But things change during their teenage and Jessa falls for the rough, dominant Will and just as she begins​ to trust him, he leaves her, heartbroken. Years later when they meet, something has changed in Will but Jessa doesn't want to take a second chance. But will she be able to resist his charms and forgive him? Would that be a wise thing to do?

The story is not a casual romance. It is sophisticated and real. The story moves in a good pace, regularly providing the readers with enough substance to relish upon. The narrative is intense, superb writing by the author.

Now a little something about the characters. Jessa and Will make you fall in love with them. Will doesn't come across as boyfriend material in the beginning, not a romantic or even normal. But as the story progresses, the readers understand his behaviour and even empathise with him. Jessa is the loved one, the good girl, the one with the perfect job but hasn't been lucky in love. Lacey, Jessa's bestie, is this lovable, crazy friend (everyone should have one like her!) who is always there for her. All the characters come together to create a wonderful story that makes your day.

Last word. Loved the book, loved the characters. Definitely recommend.

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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