My Top 5 Agatha Christie Books

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Whether you are new to Agatha Christie or have been basking in the intricacies of the said genius, this list will, hopefully, be helpful anyway. It is a list of my personal favorites. If you are a Christie fan and have a different list to this one, then please do share it with me. I'd love to know!

It was a tough task to select only five titles for this lot. I have edited and re-edited the list so many times, yet it feels like something is missing. Sigh! Well, that's how her books are, all equally amazing. She's not known the Queen of Crime for nothing!

Just a little introduction before I begin. I read my first Christie novel when I was 13 I guess, not too sure. Until then I was solving mysteries with Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys but when I read a Christie, I suddenly felt grown up! I didn't even understand all of it at first, but I remember re-reading it only to be captured in this trance of unimaginable plots and human psychology, that is Christie's signature. Since then I have been re-reading whichever book I can lay my hands on and can proudly say, have made myself a charming little collection! Okay, now I know I said a little introduction, clearly that didn't happen. On to the list!

My Top 5 Agatha Christie Books

1. And Then There Were None

This book will always top any list of mine. I have read this book a few times and can never get over it. And Then There Were None is my absolute favorite! There have been so many adaptations of this book yet, nothing beats the original, this one right here.

I cannot express how mind boggling the plot is. The climax just takes your breath away, trust me. It is Christie's masterpiece! If you haven't read it already, you haven't seen the best of Christie, yet.

Read my review of And Then There Were None here.

2. Cat Among The Pigeons

Another one of my top favorites is Cat Among The Pigeons. Not just because it features Hercule Poirot - the short, egg shaped head guy, who gives you the anything-but-a-detective impression (and who also happens to be my favorite fictional detective out there). The highlight is the story. There is adventure, suspense, mysterious murders that will not allow you to put the book down. Exciting and adrenaline pumping, this one is a treasure.

Read my review of Cat Among The Pigeons here.

3. Murder on the Orient Express

One of the popular books of Agatha Christie, this book is beyond compare. As the name suggests, there is a murder on the Orient Express one night and the next day the train is stopped due to a snowstorm. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, doubt hops from one suspect to the other, creating a tense situation. The murderer is aboard, and even the great Hercule Poirot is not sure as to who has killed in such a merciless way.

Love the plot, the suspense and of course, Poirot!

Buy Murder On The Orient Express here.

4. The Mousetrap And Selected Plays

Mousetrap is a murder mystery play by Agatha Christie. It is coveted as the world's longest running play in West End, London. The format of the story is that of a play but it is famous for the twist at the end! Exciting and horrifying, this one will pull the rug right from under your feet!

Buy The Mousetrap And Selected Plays here.

5. The Mysterious​ Affair at Styles

The Mysterious Affair at Styles is Agatha Christie's first published book, introducing Hercule Poirot, the Belgian detective, Captain Hastings and other important characters. Excellently rendered and well written, this book is a gateway to all things thrilling!

Buy The Mysterious Affair at Styles here.

There are many others that are worth mentioning but then the list would have to be renamed Top 50. What are your Agatha Christie favorites? Leave a comment and let me know. Till then, keep the little grey cells working, mon ami!


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