Book Review : Exodus '95

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Title: Exodus '95
Author: Kfir Luzzatto
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 309 
Publisher: Pine Ten

Rating: 3.8/5

Today I have a review of the very recently released Exodus '95 by Kfir Luzzatto. The blurb said something about Moses's staff and discovering it, and that's it, I was sold! I love stories where there is hunting for relics and any kind of historical conspiracies. So, when the author so kindly asked me if I would review this book, I said 'Yes!' instantly! OK then, let's get to the review.

Claire Williams is a graphical designer in New York and learns something startling from her neighbour, Jack. He is a father figure to her and is dying but before that, he hands over a secret. The fact that the magical Moses's staff exists and that it is stored in a box that Jack himself had designed. He not only gives the key to the box to Claire but also tells her how to recover the staff. 

Dan Ze'evi, an engineer, is contacted by a Russian oligarch to help him find the staff, together with Claire. Apparently, Dan knows the exact location of the staff that was hidden years ago in the middle of the Egyptian desert by Jack. Claire and Dan get closer as they get to know each other. They all set to find the staff when the duo are kidnapped. What follows is an exciting tale of escape and discovery, with surprises at every turn. Claire and Dan, constantly on their guard, must find a way to end this chaos.

First things first. I love the swiftness with which the book cruises! So fast paced, I didn't even realize I was turning the pages. The narrative is taut and engaging, a well written book. The story line is as engrossing as it gets. It has so many incidents happening one after the other and I guess that was what hooked me right till the end. 

The story is set in 1995, hence the title. I love the cover, so dark and mysterious. Totally apt!

The only thing that could have been a tad bit better was the climax. I was hoping for a more explosive one. The end could have been more polished, in my opinion. But other than that, the book is a winner for sure.

Last word. Exodus '95 is a fast, exciting thriller with enough suspense to make it an unputdownable book. I would definitely recommend this to mystery/thriller readers.

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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