Book Review: Warjuna (Book 1: Mrithasu Rising)

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Title: Warjuna (Book 1 : Mrithsau Rising)
Author: Krishnaraj
Genre: Fiction, Mythology
Pages: 314
Publisher: Notion Press

Rating: 4/5

Warjuna is the first book in a series of a mythological tale set in an alternate universe called The Age of Atulya. The author, Krishnaraj, has borrowed some characters from the epic Mahabharata and used it in his book to create, what definitely is, a sophisticated series in the making.

The earth and it's inhabitants are recovering from Pralaya but peace is far within reach. The Hayacrees, a ruthless army of unimaginable power, have been spotted marching towards Bharata. As one by one the kingdoms succumb to their atrocities, there seems no hope until a prince from the kingdom of Wagharr seems to appear out of nowhere to provide complete support to these kingdoms. Arjuna was sent by his father, the king of Wagharr, to safely provide passage to their women and children to avoid the Hayacrees. When he encounters magical powers and divinely inspired people, he is confused for a while but only to find out his true purpose. With Kanha, the king of Dwaraka for support, Arjuna reaches out to help as much as he can. But things aren't as easy as he had envisioned. Burdened with guilt and grief, he begins his journey back home to Wagharr but is shocked to see what he finds there.

The first thing that caught my attention was the title. Warjuna. It may sound strange but when the reading begins, the connection is easily established. Arjuna of Wagharr. I have to appreciate how intense and apt the cover looks. It sets the reader ready for the journey within the pages.

I found the storyline to be interesting, especially the beginning. Very well written. The strange happenings right at the start piqued my attention and that's a great way to start a book, right? The narrative is smooth but I found certain repeatitions in the beginning of each chapter (especially with relation to Kanha) that I'm not sure were entirely necessary. But it is nothing that hampers the reading or the story in any way.

There are many characters here but nothing too complicated or hard to keep track of. The descriptions for each one are just enough for an overall idea. Arjuna is the main character and although this is the first book in the series, the reader is able to relate to him instantly. That's how well conceived the character of Arjuna is. 

Overall, Warjuna is a great start to a series that is refined and elegant. If you are into mythogical fiction like me, then you must get your hands on this one. Waiting for the next book. 

Highly recommended.

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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