Book Review: Excess Baggage

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Title: Excess Baggage
Author: Laura Barnard
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 220

Rating: 4/5

The just released Excess Baggage by Laura Barnard is a breezy, young romance. Nevertheless, it can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age

Erica is enjoying her vacation with friends when she bumps into Jack, her first love. Only now, Jack seems absolutely irresistible and Erica finds herself completely flustered. Similar feelings haunt Jack and he can't seem to keep himself distanced from Erica for long. But with Karl (Erica's current boyfriend) and Amber (who is constantly checking on Jack) in the picture, things aren't going too well for the duo. Not to mention their own history when they were together 15 years ago. Will the planets finally align for the both of them?

The story carries a casual and modern tone mainly due to its language.  The narrative is in the first person that toggles from one character to the next. The writing is relaxed and expresses how much the author enjoys writing romances​. The expressions, emotions and love scenes are aesthetically done. It is a quick and light read. It isn't a very complex love story which is great if you just want to chill with a book.

Now to the characters. Erica and Jack, the main characters, are painted as the hopelessly-in-love couple. I especially liked the protectiveness that Jack shows towards Erica, so romantic! Erica's reservations and submissions​ are excellently portrayed and in my opinion, her character is a winner, hands down! There are the friends too, the ever protective Evelyn to the carefree Brooke and the others who add substance to the cozy and warm atmosphere created by the author.

Overall, a short, quick and cozy read to enjoy during travels or a weekend, Excess Baggage is a recommended read to all romance lovers. Read it and grow younger!

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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