Book Review: Just Me, The Sink and The Pot

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Title: Just Me, The Sink and The Pot
Author: Sudesna Ghosh
Genre: Fiction, Literature
Pages: 96

Rating: 3.5/5

Just me, the Sink & the Pot, an aptly titled book by Sudesna Ghosh, is a story of an overweight teenage girl Pamela and her struggles thereof. It is a witty take on the challenges faced by a 'fat' and 'ugly' person who is mostly lonely, due to this predicament.

Pamela is a fat kid with an Indian mother and an American father. Due to her size, she has been ridiculed since childhood and has no friends. Her only 'friends' are those in her bedroom - her dolls. Pamela discusses everything with them and they are the only ones who offer some comfort to her dreadful life. Her own sister, who is skinny, hates her and is ashamed of Pamela as her sister in public. As Pamela grows up, she is eager to have a boyfriend but then, who would want to talk to a fat girl? But when she does find one, it doesn't last long. Again, because of her confused emotional state. The book takes us through Pamela's journey, her struggles and the turmoil she goes through just trying to 'fit in' or be 'normal'. 

Just me, the Sink & the Pot  is a quick read with the narrative in the first person. The book is fast paced with humorous anecdotes here and there. The writing style is good. One can actually empathize with the protagonist and with her constant desire of wanting to be a skinny girl. The book is an easy (sometimes emotional) read that talks about the rise of an inferiority complex due to a plump body.

The book is not a long one but it does contain a very crucial message, especially for teenage children, about body shaming. It stresses on the sad fact as to how overweight people are ousted or simply ignored. The struggles of the 'victims' are real that often lead to many physical and psychological problems, which is so unfair. 

I would strongly recommend people, especially teenage children and their parents, to read this book just to create awareness to not discriminate anyone based on their looks or size. 

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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