Book Review: The Sweet Oil Of Vitriol - A Tom Glaze Hit (The Tom Glaze Series Book 1)

Title: The Sweet Oil Of Vitriol - A Tom Glaze Hit (The Tom Glaze Series Book 1)
Author: Daniel Eagleton
Genre: Fiction, Crime, Thriller
Pages: 221

Rating: 2.5/5

The Sweet Oil Of Vitriol is the first in the Tom Glaze series. Published in February this year, the book is an action/crime thriller which, sadly, didn't thrill me at all.

Thomas is a Mossad agent and when a sanctioned mission fails terribly, he is ousted by his own organisation even after having risked his life. When Thomas realizes that not only is he the prime suspect in the case but is also blamed for the failure, he is desperate for a comeback. His handler Yakov, thus, provides him another chance. The head of the African Union, Jacob Okonjo, is the target this time and Thomas prepares months before by working undercover as a waiter at the hotel in London, where the Union head would be staying. But would months of doing repeated odd jobs and serving people waver his dedication to the mission? Would he lose his focus where the beautiful Nadine is concerned? 

A part of the character portrayal in the book is well done. Thomas has been given a detailed description and as a well trained agent, he is always prepared. But the majority of the book focuses on his sluggishness. With him being the protagonist, the readers follow him intently. But when he continuously gets distracted and loses focus, so do the readers. The book begins well with being to-the-point and some great action but it soon fizzles out. The momentum is lost once Thomas begins working undercover as a waiter. I wish there was more action happening than failures.

The narrative, again, is slow and hence slows the pace of the story too. If only the character of Thomas would have been tweaked a little, I honestly think this would have made for a good read.

Not to say it isn't a good book, but the story just didn't click with me. I expected a lot more action and thrilling moments, it does claim to be a thriller after all. All in all, a disappointment.

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*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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