Book Review: Jane Of Manchester

Title: Jane Of Manchester
Author: J G Dow
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Comedy
Pages: 206
Publisher: Dow Books

Rating: 3/5

Jane of Manchester by J G Dow is a light-hearted chick lit with some, supposedly humor and romance, which somehow I didn't seem to find.

Jane lives in Manchester, working at a florist's. She has her petty issues with her employer Will, who drops in that taunt every now and then. Jane has a group of friends, some like her, some mothers and one just about to be married. Her elder sister, Kate, is a doctor and she certainly doesn't fail to establish her success in front of Jane. Jane has the big question lurking behind her mind, when will she meet the right guy? But when she does, she can't seem to find the courage to even talk to him. Will Jane take this forward? Or will she remain in the background watching as her friends and sister get on with their lives?

Straight off the bat, I was floored by the British informal talk like 'cheesed off' and 'knackered'. I have a weakness for the Queen's English, especially the accent. So I had this good feeling about it all. But, sadly, it didn't last long. I wasn't particularly impressed with the story line. Throughout the book, Jane goes out for drinks, recovers from hangovers, goes out for lunch/dinner and goes to work the next morning. That's about it. The end of the story is also something that irked me. I was hoping to catch some action within the pages, not to be left to my imagination.

The writing is good but had a lot of little details everywhere, a bit too much for my liking. Nevertheless, a quick chick lit to kill time. I also enjoyed the meals described and again, the language. Its been quite a while since I have read some 'propah' English! If only some of the detailing were eliminated and the story had some substance, I would have found it interesting.

Last word. A quick, decent read for chicks of all ages.

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 *** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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