Book Review: Wants and Desires - A Psychological Thriller

Title: Wants and Desires - A Psychological Thriller
Author: Chitrangada Mukherjee
Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Murder
Pages: 134
Publisher: Chitrangada Mukherjee

Rating: 4/5

A classic who-dun-it with a subtle but admirably mysterious background, Wants and Desires
by Chitrangada Mukherjee is a good psychological thriller, perfect for a rainy weekend.

Sukanto Bhattacharjee dies suddenly soon after his 35th birthday in his house. He is found in his study, with his head on the desk and arms wrapped around it, as if sleeping peacefully. He leaves behind his mother, his wife and friends and they are all suspects, according to the police. A letter is found hidden under a crystal jug in the study, which doesn't seem quite like a suicide note but definitely hints towards it. The suspects, each with their own vice, talk kindly of the deceased but one of them is the murderer. If it was a murder after all.

I was so proud reading this book. Our country is filled with so many talented story tellers, I strongly feel they should be promoted more! Wants and Desires is such a beautifully executed book. Now, this isn't the kind of book to give you nightmares but the one that makes you ponder over the human mind and the circumstances and situations that disturbs them. With a sharp narrative that later turns into dialogues during conversations, it is a well written story with a well executed plot.

The characters are the highlights. Each of them is a suspect and they all could have done away with Sukanto. Sukanto himself is portrayed as this quiet guy who wouldn't seem to hurt anyone. I put the book down and spent a long time contemplating the drastic events that unfolded, which were so matter-of-factly written. This is just one of the many things I love about the book. The little nuances of a Bengali household adds to the charm created by the author and the beauty of the story.

Last word. I loved it! Definitely recommended for mystery/thriller fans. Will watch out for more from the author.

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 *** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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