Book Review: The Leftover

Title: The Leftover
Author: Brooke Williams
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Literature
Pages: 268
Publisher: Boutique Of Quality Books

Rating: 4/5

I'm all in for a nice, romantic read but The Leftover by Brooke Williams, is one such book with different exciting experiences for us readers. Releasing today, the book is a winner (in my eyes) already!

Megan Malone joins a reality show called The Leftover as a replacement for her sister, Molly, who just found out she is pregnant and hence cannot continue with the show. An overly shy Megan, who prefers spending time alone and talking to herself suddenly find herself in front of the camera among a group of contestants. She barely registers all of this when she realizes she has a crush on Cane Trevino, the medic on the show. The show begins and as the competition gets tighter, Megan finds she is much more than just an under confident girl and also that she is falling harder for Cane. Cane does seem to reciprocate but he himself is getting over a bad breakup with the sizzling, hot Eva. Would Cane really prefer the simple, bespectacled Megan? And among the strategizing contestants, who would ultimately win the competition to be, The Leftover?

The Leftover is a romantic book but not too mushy or overly sentimental and I really like that about it. Coming to the technicalities, the narrative is an absolute breeze. The writing is perfect that concentrates only on the actual situation at hand and does not waver with unnecessary details. The characters of Cane and Megan, among others, is described aptly giving a perfect background to each one of them. The events, be it the competition or the feelings of the characters, are very relevant and to-the-point.

Now, about my thoughts. I found The Leftover to be a very good read. Why? Because it is different. It obviously includes romance but the story line is something that makes it more exciting for us readers. The reality show was explained so well that it felt like I was actually watching it. The strategies and tricks played by the contestants are so thrilling and stimulating, it is so much fun!

Last word. Brooke Williams has knitted this fun, lovable story so well that it feels live. A spoonful of fear, a dash of  thrill and a scoop of romance and exhilaration makes The Leftover a cozy read, perfect for the coming weekend.

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 *** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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