Book Review : Legacy (Andalucian Nights #3)

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Title: Legacy (Andalucian Nights #3)
Author: Hannah Fielding
Genre: Fiction, Romance

Rating: 4/5

Legacy by Hannah Fielding is the third book in the Andalucian series. The book is an intense and intriguing romance, which does not allow the reader to put it down. Not even for a moment!

Luna Ward, a medical journalist, is sent to Spain to conduct a research on an institute that preaches the use of herbalism and hypnotherapy as an alternate cure for cancer patients. Her organised and proper life tumbles down when she lays eyes on Ruy, the handsome gypsy musician and also the institute's head. While Ruy doesn't shy from expressing his feelings for her, Luna finds herself in a tug of war. Her primitive emotions on one side and the fact that she is secretly spying on him, on the other. 

Ruy, on the other hand, is mesmerized by Luna but he has some demons of his own too. The past creeps up to him from time to time and puts him in a tangled spot as Ruy thinks of finding the right time to tell Luna everything. With their love for each other so obvious and fierce, both wonder if it will all be lost as soon as the other is aware of each's past.

As stated earlier, this is the third book of the series but is a standalone book, which is great. I personally love romantic books and this one had me at the edge! The author has done a wonderful job of rendering a story so powerful that it feels realistic. Even after the book is done, one goes back to the characters, revisiting their emotions and circumstances. 

The lead characters of Luna and Ruy are very strong. Luna is portrayed as the organised one, who has always had her head in research. But her emotions go wild when she sees Ruy. The feeling is mutual as Ruy finds that he, too, cannot keep his hands off her. All these feelings and train of thoughts for both the characters are quite amplified which adds a realistic feel. Both are shown to be physically drawn to each other but not in a sickening sort of way, which is a relief!

Legacy gives the reader a glimpse of the ever romantic and beautiful country of Spain. The culture, the people, the streets, the food - one can experience all these things through the book. It also throws some light on the way of life of the Spanish gypsies and is quite enjoyable.

As a final word, I would say that I definitely recommend this and the others in the series(although I haven't read the others but I'm sure they would be no less interesting!) to all romantics out there. A refreshing read, indeed!

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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