Book Mention - My Journey In Tennis: How I Learnt To Excel (And You Can Too)

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Title: My Journey In Tennis : How I Learnt To Excel (And You Can Too)
Author: Sana Shehabi
Genre: Children, Life Experience

Book Blurb

A personal story of learning to triumph, this concise account explains what it takes to follow your dreams. From first learning to play tennis to developing the commitment and motivation to become a top player, author Sana Shehabi relates her experiences with this fascinating sport.

Thirteen-year-old Sana has developed a work ethic to be proud of, including all her efforts off the court, her constantly improving technical skills, and her understanding of what it means to sacrifice for your goals. Hers is a two-part experience: she relates the specifics that every tennis player needs to excel as well as how she’s been shaped as a person by pursuing her passion. Anyone can play the game, but whether you win or lose, only your attitude determines the true outcome. Someday soon, Sana plans to play tennis professionally. She credits her amazing first coach, her family’s support, and the camaraderie of the team with helping her enjoy the sport for so many years.

For the aspiring young athlete, this inspiring and informative work gets at the heart of what it means to follow your dreams. It takes hard work, but every step of the way will be worth it.

About The Author

Sana Shehabi began playing tennis when she was eight years old, and she started playing more seriously when she was ten. At thirteen, she plays at a higher level than most of her peers. She works hard every day, practicing for hours before and after school and competing every weekend, to achieve her goal of playing professionally. Tennis is such a unique sport, and her time playing has shaped the person Sana has become. She is her parents’ only child and lives in the San Francisco Bay area.


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