Graveyards of the Banks - Slaughterhouse Mornings: Seven Seasons of Midnights at the Most Successful Bank in the Universe

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Title: Graveyards of the Banks - Slaughterhouse Mornings: Seven Seasons of Midnights at the Most Successful Banks in the Universe

Author: Nyla Nox
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Banking

Rating: 3/5

Slaughterhouse Mornings is the third and final book in the Graveyards of the Banks series by Nyla Nox. It is due to release in the month of March, 2017. The entire series is about the turbulent experience of the author when she started off working in the Most Successful Bank in the Universe, as she likes to call the bank in her books.

The book starts off with Nyla, working in the graveyard shift. She is hoping to find a break from the night shifts and the grueling schedule but nothing seems to work in her favor. One by one, all her team members are let go and she begins to wonder about her very survival in the bank. The Bagman (he is always seen with a travel bag, hence the name), is a top notch, rich and successful businessman, who flies all over the world imparting his precious financial advice. He is romantically interested in Nyla. Most of the times, she ends up leaving Bagman content with his point of view and suppresses what she thinks/feels about the global situation and the working class. But Nyla is content with the attention she receives from him. Then the financial crash occurs. Things get pretty bleak in the bank with one privilege removed after the other, including one's job. Nyla finds that she is the only one left out of her original team as she waits for the dreadful. As Nyla and the Bagman come closer, she has to make a decision about maintaining her sincerity or to go with the flow.

That is just a summary. But there are many faces to the book. Firstly, it is written in a great technical detail about the goings on inside a successful bank. Now if you are/were a banker, you'd probably be able to completely relate to the same and absolutely love the book. But for someone who is not a banker, like myself, I would say that the book comes off as being too specific. It could be because I haven't read the previous books in the series and have got nothing to relate to. Of course, this is a standalone book but there are some mentions of previous situations and characters that you wished you'd had some reference to. Hence, I found it to be a little confusing in the beginning, to be frank.

Now, on to the narrative. Wow, the narrative is something like I have never come across! Such extravagance in relaying feelings and emotions. It is a pleasure to just read and keep reading. Amateur writers can definitely take some pointers! Narrative is a big plus - a bit abstract, but brilliant!

The main character is the author herself. She explains the life of bankers who had endured the toughest of the tough times during the depression, the layoffs. It is not a pretty picture. The writing is something that I kept coming back to. The author reveals each and every event in a great detail. I, honestly, found the book boring at a few places because of the lengthy descriptions. Of course, I can understand that the author took the opportunity to bare it all and empty her heart out with the story that she had been holding in herself all these years. Nevertheless, a little too lengthy for my liking. But that didn't stop me from putting the book down. The author treats the readers with some dark humor and witty one liners which made their presence on almost every page.

Overall, Slaughterhouse Mornings is a dark humored, intense tale of the bankers during the time of the crash. I would highly suggest this book to current or ex bankers as I feel they would truly relate to it and find it absolutely brilliant.

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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