Book Review : The Old Man and The Princess

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Title: The Old Man and The Princess
Author: Sean-Paul Thomas
Genre: Fiction, Mystery

Rating: 4/5

The Old Man and The Princess by Sean-Paul Thomas is a mysterious and emotional story, all of which that takes place against the backdrop of the Scottish landscape. It is a touching story about the relationship between a girl and an old man.

Sersha is an orphan, living with her foster parents, when she is kidnapped by an old man, Derek. Sersha expects the worst but when Derek tells her that he will be reuniting her with her parents, she is surprised. Derek keeps referring to Sersha  as Princess and upon questioning reveals that she actually is a princess from Mars and that she was sent to Earth as a baby for her own safety. But now that she is needed back home, Derek would do his duty and safely take her back.

While Sersha isn't convinced of this story, Derek's behavior and his protective attitude towards her alters her perspective about him. They set out on road trip all the way to the tip of Scotland, to find a portal to Mars. With bounty hunters at their heels, they manage to escape attacks. Racing against time and the enemy, Derek and Sersha are about to reach the cave where the supposed portal is situated. And then, the unthinkable happens.

Firstly, what an amazing story! It is an interesting blend of adventure, emotions and action. At the beginning of the story I was rapt, my curiosity being at a high and then began the adventure. It is not a lengthy book but unputdownable, nevertheless. The narrative is excellent and the readers get to enjoy the Irish/Scottish English throughout. There is a twist at the end and, might I add, what a perfect climax to the story!

The main characters in the story are Sersha and Derek. Sersha is this strong, street smart girl who longs for her real parents. Derek, on the other hand, is an old guy, looking out for Sersha and protecting her like a princess from every possible danger. There are many lovely emotional moments between them that forms the crux of the book. Last but definitely not the least, I could literally feel the wind in my hair while Sersha was driving through the Scottish mountains and the sand under my feet when they both were running towards the cave. Such is the beauty of the narrative!

I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend reading it. Truly enjoyable.

*** This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. ***


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